Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May Stencil Club Fun

Hello Stencil Lovers!
Janet here from Happy Reminders....

 Are you a member of the StencilGirl Products StencilClub yet?
These happy little springtime birds and bees and butterflies are perfect for your journals! These were designed by StencilGirl Artist, Terri Stegmiller.

As if I had nothing better to do...
I decided to participate in The Art of Practising Gratitude.
It's a one month long art journal with prompts and sharing.
I went with a small book...and no expectations except following along.

The prompts are wide open... like Be Kind, or Be Positive, or Inspire....

Wonderful Reminders!

I also prepared a future page in my Daily...

My MOST favorite stencil included in this month's group 
is this sweet little bumblebee.
To be honest...I didn't even give him a second glance at first....

But Look at him!!!!!
His wings were so much fun!
I used a gold metallic gel pen to give his wings lines and veins...
The I gave him gold shimmers and Crystal Lacquer..... 

This next one with the flowers is more linear...
His wings do have some shimmer frost sprayed on ...
but with the black fine line pen and Crystal Lacquer it is not noticeable. 

He has pollen on his legs...He has been a Busy Bee!

And My Favorite Bees... 

This is also in my little Gratitude Book....

These bees wings are smudged and dripped on and sprayed and smeared...
Then Crystal Lacquer was applied.
Impatient me......I used the heat gun to dry the Lacquer faster....
Well, the intense heat made it crack and separate...
Hmm.....I love it!

When I closed the little book, 
the pages were sticking together where the wings touched.
I am not normally so impatient...really!
HaHaHaHa...guess what I did?

I rubbed a beeswax candle over my bumblebees!
Did you know you could do that so your pages don't stick together?
I love the wax over top of them...it gave them a whole different look!

There you go friends!
Soon you will have these juicy little stencils in your own hands!
I can't wait to see what you do with them!
Not a member? Find out how you can join us HERE!

Happy Arting!!!


  1. Love what you've done with the bee wings, Janet! Your daily journal pages are always inspiring!

  2. Such wonderful journal pages Janet! The book you worked in must be very small as the butterfly looks so large on the page.

    1. Hi Terri, It's a Moleskine Watercolour Journal about the size of my hand! Perfect for a quick Book of Gratitude! I love your little critters! Thanks!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with the practice of "attitude of gratitude" -- and I love how this theme was brought to life here, both in content and in the buoyant artwork!

    1. Thanks Cecilia! Join in for the month! Check out the website http://practisinggratitude2014.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/practising-gratitude.html

    2. Ha Cecilia! Maybe I should have just said THANKS!!! ^^^^^^^

  4. You make me happy, Janet. Love the waxy/lacquer effect. Bee-utiful.

  5. My, my, my! Janet everything is so beautiful, your work always amazes me.

    1. Hi Sherri ! Thanks! I am so glad I got to meet you last summer! xo

  6. Wow! I am IN LOVE with your pages! Especially the bees. I LOVE bumblebees! Great work. <3

    1. Thanks Raine! I can't wait to see the bumblebees everyone makes from these darling stencils! They go out today!

  7. I am IN LOVE with the bumblebees. Love, love, love!!

  8. Maybe the honeybees come to life when you leave the room and the pages stuck together because they had some sticky honey residue left on their plump little bodies...hmm...you never know! Love these darling stencils and so glad I have a 3 day weekend coming up so I can play and create some sweet sticky pages in my art journal!! Thanks so much :)


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