Thursday, May 15, 2014

Stencilled Journal Covers...

Hi, Linda Kittmer here.  I'm back today to show you a few journal covers I've made using Jessica Sporn's wonderful Dots and Dashes stencil. The covers are made to fit a standard sized composition book.

I started with some black fabric that was lying on my work surface...literally...I'm in the process of cleaning up the studio, but there are just so many fun distractions. LOL

Using my Gelli plate, Jessica's stencil and some white paint, I printed some wonderful pattern on those bits of fabric.


I picked up a few scraps of some textured fabric I had left over from another project and I auditioned them on the stencil printed pieces...


And then it was time to cut and design some feature pieces for the front of the journals.

But, before I got down to that I used various mark making techniques, including stencilling using both acrylic spray paint and liquid acrylic with a make up sponge, stamping with an empty thread spool and creating line with an old ID card to create a 'background canvas' for these feature pieces.

Here are the journal covers:

*For a complete tutorial, with measurements, etc. for making one of these journal covers to fit over a standard composition book, check out this earlier post here. You may choose to create a quilted cover (without creating the 'canvas' I describe in that post)...that post gives you all of the measurements needed. Have fun!

Update:  I've just posted a PFD with instructions for making a journal cover over on my blog if you're interested.  Enjoy!


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