Monday, July 21, 2014

Limitless Flowers of JOY!

Hi! Kirsten Reed here with a quick post about how I didn't limit myself to just one stencil from StencilGirl when I created my floral painting.

I started with one of my collaged backgrounds.  The first thing I did on top of the collage was use molding paste and Maria McGuire's Greek Stitch a Border stencil to immediately add dimension to the canvas. (See top left, top right, bottom right) I then used my stabilo pencil and sketched out my basic bouquet.

After I had my basic idea of how I wanted things to look I began with stencils and paint!
For the table I used Lizzy Mayne's Eye Lattice stencil.  Inside the vase I used Mayne's Flicks stencil.

To add a layer of interest to my background, I used Carolyn Dube's Cross Word stencil.
Each time I painted with the stencils, I went very light on the paint so my interesting collage would peek through.  I also used Golden Fluid Acrylic paints because they are transparent.

Here is a close up of the texture and molding paste.

Here you can see how subtly I used the crossword stencil (in blue).  I also used Carolyn Dube's Jumbo Vintage Alphabet stencils and hid the word "JOY" in the table.

Inside the blue flowers, I added pizzaz with Maria McGuire's Seeds stencil and her Tiny Medallion stencil in the leaves. After most of the painting was finished I took strips of my fabric printed with my past art designs on it, and cut it to add dimension and interest to the flowers.

Here are all the stencils I used:

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  1. Wow, totally amazing mixed media painting! So much texture was obtained from the stencils. Love it!

  2. Just beautiful Kristen. I love the slant to the table too - it is so unexpected and makes the still life so much more interesting.

  3. This is beautiful Kirsten! I always love your flowers, and I have TONS of patterned paper and I can't wait to try using it in the background the way you've done here. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you Gwen, I am so glad you are inspired! :)))

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Kirsten!
    Love the layers and richness and process! :)

  5. Mary took the words out of my mouth (or is that my fingertips?) You did a wonderful job with your layering, and it did bring out a richness in the overall artwork!

  6. Catching up on my reading tonight and so glad I didn't miss this post. Kirsten, this is so beautiful! Simply gorgeous but so many lovely warm layers. Love it!

  7. Beautiful canvas! The layers and depth are just amazing...


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