Friday, July 18, 2014

NEW Release from StencilGirl and Jessica Sporn

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NEW Release
StencilGirl Artist

                                  Krishna Deity                         

                                                                     Shiva Deity

Here is Mary Beth to show you how she played with them in her Art Journal!

If you cannot see the video click HERE.

Make sure you stop by Jessica's blog to get more information on these new stencils!


  1. Congratulations on your new stencils, Jessica!
    Love the intricacies!
    And thank you, Mary Beth, for showing us how to think outside the stencil! :)

  2. Love the Asian Theme. Well done Jessica.....and Mary Beth.

  3. These new stencil designs by Jessica are fabulous!
    MaryBeth, thank you for sharing your stencil art with us, really love how you used elements of the stencils! (looking forward to your next webinar!)

  4. These new designs look like they'd be fun to use! Congrats to Jessica on the new stencils!


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