Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September StencilClub Preview

Hello Stencil Lovers!!!!
Janet here from Happy Reminders.
I am here to show you how I used this month's StencilClub offerings in my Daily.

Have you noticed all the intricate patterns Andrew Borloz comes up with in his stencil designs?
Not just this exclusive StencilClub Stencil Set, but ALL the designs he has done! 
The Chevrons all go together...the Curves all intertwine....

Andrew's stencils are so well thought out.
And Now these Beautiful Border Stencils!! 

There is SO MUCH possibility with these!

Play Play Play!
You won't be able to help yourself!

I hope you have some fun!

Are you a member of StencilGirl's StencilClub
Happy Arting everyone!


  1. Fun designs! The last one reminds me of the Beatles and the Yellow Submarine! :)

  2. Andrew's stencils certainly make wonderful patterns. Love what you've done.


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