Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kindness Matters

Navigating our way in this world daily, we all see the "less than kind" moments that often drift into our lives. With graduation season approaching, and being a mother of a senior this year, I was thinking of what wisdom to bestow on my sweet daughter and her friends.  

Be Kind.

We can be financially successful, achieve professional stature, hit all the goals on our life list, but if we are not kind, we have missed the point.

I was inspired to make these little mini pieces of art to brighten, cheer and remind all who laid eyes on them ~ be kind. It's always in style.

I began with a base of some of my favorite bright colors.  I used the following stencils from StencilGirl to create layers of color and texture.  

After the paint dried, I glued small pieces of transparent texture on the pieces. I LOVE texture!

I then drew out the words by hand and painted "out" around them.

Here is my little collection of cheer! 

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  1. SO gorgeous, Kirsten!! And with a wonderful message. :)
    I always enjoy seeing your process! Thanks for choosing my map stencil to include in the layers of fabulous colors.

    1. Thank you Mary! I love your map stencil ~ I use it a lot in my pieces!

  2. What fantastic canvases Kirsten! Not only eye candy but they speak with wisdom!

  3. Yes, I saw this when you did it, but boy did I need to see it again today. Words and Paint....nothing could be better to me. Beautiful!

  4. Great message and nice project!

  5. Such bright and happy colours!

  6. Great canvases! Great message! Will be bright and cheery on a dorm room wall!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE. So pretty and that lace paper is my FAVORITE. I have it in many of my pieces. Kids grow to quickly. What a journey your daughter is about to begin. Hang on.

  8. Love these...beautiful bright message...one we all need to remember...

  9. What a beautiful heartfelt gift to send on with your daughter and her friends. I know they will treasure these beautiful canvases always.


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