Friday, September 11, 2015

Art Unraveled with Laurie Mika!

Recently, StencilGirl Artist Laurie Mika led three wonderful workshops with her StencilGirl stencil designs!
Check out the GORGEOUS mixed media art that her students created!!

In Gothic Triptychs, students created a Medieval-looking triptych: a three-panel substrate that has a center panel and two hinged side panels. Historically, the triptych was a popular format throughout the Middle Ages and many altarpieces were in triptych form because they were well suited to illustrate bible stories.
In Laurie's class, however, students created their own stories on their triptychs using polymer clay.
Students used a variety of mixed media techniques in polymer clay using gold leaf stamps and
Laurie's StencilGirl stencils to create their own incredible, altarpieces.

In Clay on Clay Quilt, Laurie taught a non-traditional approach to quilt making:
using polymer clay to create individual quilt shapes that have a fabric-like look.
Each shape was composed of intricate designs leading to overall beautiful, jewel-like quilts.
Students were encouraged to explore the many surface possibilities using polymer clay.
Students experimented with clay, emphasizing a layered approach.
Students used molds, stamps, painting paint, mica and embossing powders,
gold leaf, beading, metal, fabric, paper, and jewelry with their clay.
Finally, students arranged and adhered their clay pieces to substrates, creating clay quilt masterpieces! 

The inspiration for Encrusted Hearts came from Laurie's small, embedded heart pendants
inspired by Mexican folk art hearts embellished with milagros:
the small tin pieces traditionally used for healing purposes.
Milagro means miracle and they were often attached to sacred objects to give thanks for answered prayers. Milagros are also carried for protection and good luck.

In this workshop, students learned a variety of techniques working with polymer clay including stamping, painting, using gold leaf and embedding a variety of objects into clay.
Students also learned techniques for covering objects in clay and for altering their wood substrates.
The end results were beautiful, richly embellished  “encrusted” hearts
to hang on the wall and provide a bit of good fortune, too!

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  1. This artwork is spectacular! The idea is brilliant and the execution is dazzling! A treat for the eyes!


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