Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Graffiti Grunge Art Journal Page by Martice Smith II

Hello, hello!
It's great to be back on the blog again, sharing another project to motivate + inspire you to keep putting your BEST self forward!

Let's jump right in!

STEP 1: Gather tools + supplies
Stencils​ (pictured below)
Text and ​Texture (Seth Apter)
Bloom True (Flora Bowley)
Rose Window and Border (Lizzie Mayne)

other materials: 
Black gesso
Acrylic paints (2 warm colors, 2 cool colors, 1 neutral, 1 neon)
variety of paintbrushes
white modeling paste + palette knife
white ink pen​/marker​
paper towels
​ + jar of water

STEP 2: Loosely paint base color

I like to start with a neutral base color (Charcoal Grey) and build up layers that will have a variety of marks on the page.​ This dark color will give a sense of depth to my composition.
I don't always know what my page will transform into but having these first marks helps me get past the blank page.

Offset the dark tone with vibrant colors (Pink, Pyrrole Orange and make sure to leave the white of the page ​peeking through).​

Infuse energy i​n your composition by scribbling neon paint onto the page with a dry paintbrush​.

​Next, incorporate a stencil! 
Choose small areas from a stencil (Rose Window and Border) and stencil a random area of your page to decorate.​

STEP 3: Journal your thoughts! 

​Using a white marker, add some journaling to your page. Motivational words​,​ phrases, song lyrics and quotes are fun jumpstarts. ​Add extra layers of neon paint. Here, I'm using the handle of my paintbrush to create tiny dots. ​ ​

STEP 4: Modeling paste + stencil

​Choose where you want to place the lotus (Bloom True). Spread the modeling paste on with a palette knife. If you're like me, you get a little messy slapping that stuff on other areas by accident. Ooops! No worries, just use a damp, soft bristle paintbrush to wipe away the modeling paste from the areas where you don't want it​. ​While the modeling paste is partially dry, I like to brush over it with a damp paintbrush. Notice the rough, jagged edges? (This is from applying the paste with the palette knife.)

Look at the difference it makes when you smooth the paste with a damp paintbrush...

The brushstrokes are invisible and smooth!

For cleaning stencils: Keep a water bucket close by. Lay stencil(s) face down in the water to prevent the modeling paste from hardening on your precious StencilGirl stencils.

Since the gesso isn't completely dry yet, ​gently ​scrub some of it  ​away with a wet paintbrush​. This creates a grungy, worn out​ look, exposing ​the color ​underneath the gesso. 

Cool, right?!

STEP 5: Add doodles + more stenciling!

​I really like how Seth designs his stencils.​ You can mix and match them to create a totally different design! In this one (Text and ​Texture), I decided to trace the words and shapes directly from the stencil, using a white ink pen.

Arrows, circular patterns, and words! I love 'em all!

Next, I added more of my signature graffiti-style handwriting. I want my page to be saturated with positive messages to help my little flower thrive.​

I outlined the spaces in between the lotus petals with irRESISTible Pico embellisher in Carbon black.​ ​(​When dry, this paint will be glossy and slightly dimensional.)​
Here are a couple of detail shots​...​

And my final journal page...

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!
Martice Smith II is an internationally published artist + creative director of Martice Smith II – Illustration & Design Studio, based in Missouri and owner of Uneek Art Boutique. Martice combines traditional mixed-media + digital techniques with her love for fashion, typography and wildlife, infusing her illustrations with her bold, urban style.

Follow Martice as she mentors you on how to create with an expressive, free-style spirit while developing the artistic lifestyle + biz you envision for yourself. Discover more tutorials on her blog!


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