Monday, January 11, 2016

Janet's Daily - January 2016

   Hello Stencil Friends!
Janet here, showing you what I am doing in my Daily this month.
Every new year... every new month.... every new day...
is an opportunity to capture the details and document your life.

I made a border by repeating some of the simple shapes from the
Earth Song Symbols 1 Stencil by Roxanne Evans Stout as a base,
then adding my own touches and embellishments to make it my own.

Of course the big letters are from the Carolyn Dube 
LOVE that thing! Use it all the time!

Here is a chilly looking page befitting of a snowy January!
The top border is from the Marrakech Mix Stencil designed by Michelle Ward.
I wanted that exotic shape. 
At first I thought I would hang a snowflake from every point
 but I kept it simple. That is all it needed.

I was itching to do another face in my Daily so I dug around
 for the Abigail Face Stencil by Andrea Matus DeMeng.
She reminded me of the Ice Queen so of course she has snow for hair!

I used the number 2 from the 6X6 sized
I let it melt into the snow behind it.

I used this Colorwheel Stencil to start my snowflakes.
I penciled in the spokes and the is already nicely spaced out....
 I made my fancy shapes and just played!

Last but not least.... a throwback from a couple years ago....
A Happy New Years door using 
Jamie Fingal's Doors and Buttons Stencil.

Thanks for visiting this month. 
Have fun with those stencils!

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