Friday, March 4, 2016

Guest Designer Cat Kerr: An Artsy Table Cover!

Hi, Everyone! Cat Kerr here!

I have wanted to try something for a very long time and I kept putting if off
because I've never attempted something like this before and I was nervous about messing it up!
But a couple of weeks ago I took a class with Linda Willis and we made the most amazing art bags out of fabric and well after the class, I had more confidence to give my idea a try.
Plus, the idea of using my stencils to Artsy up my pretty boring Art space, well I just had to give it a try!

The plan, to make an Artsy Table Cover for my center station! Gulp.
This is what it looked like before. Pretty boring right?

My hope was to make two long panels (2 yards each) and then attach them to the top fabric.
The top muslin was cut from a template I created from the top of the table. 
So I purchased 4 yards of muslin and cut it in half.
I began by stenciling on some of my favorite designs in random locations using my current favorite colors.

I then used some black paint and foam stamps and added words throughout the panels.

I then took some of my favorite scraps of fabric (some from Linda Willis and some from a screen printing class I took with Midge Baudouin and Tracy Page Stillwell) and stitched them on to a piece of black striped fabric.
I then placed them across the panel and pinned them to the desired locations and machine stitched them in place.

Next I stitched on a black polka dot fabric to the bottom of the panel.

Lastly, I stitched on one panel at a time to the top panel muslin piece and this is what it looked like.

Now I'll admit, this was a much bigger undertaking for someone with little sewing experience
but I am so in love with the way it came out.
I love it so much that I'm planning on making some curtains using my other wonderful stencils!
Happy Creating!

Stencils I used in this tutorial:


  1. The table cloth screams it belongs to an Artist ! Its Awesome !

  2. It's fabulous! Aren't you glad you took it on? Your whole room pops now.

  3. It's fabulous! Aren't you glad you took it on? Your whole room pops now.

  4. Cat!! This is so darn cute, I just love it :)

  5. Awesome job Cat!!! So creative and adds a whole new artsy vibe to your space! I applaud you for tackling the sewing machine and wearing your brave cape!

  6. Great work Cat! Love it...looks addictive so not surprised you want to make curtains...

  7. You are super duper creative Cat, magnificent

  8. Oh. My. Gosh. This turned out awesome!!!

  9. Awesome! Now I bet you could make a really cool apron to match:)

  10. I am inspired to make a summer table cloth for my picnic table :) thanks!

  11. It couldn't have turned out any better! Love it! :D

  12. I would love that as a sofa.....

  13. Love it! I really like to see how everyone deals their creative space. This is so cool!

  14. Cat- this is amazing! I am so inspired to get some stenciling on fabric!


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