Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Circle Up with Suzi Dennis for the March 2016 StencilClub Reveal!

If you are reading this post on day one of the March 2016 REVEAL of mixed media collage artist Suzi Dennis' exclusive stencils for StencilClub, then you know it is a mere 19 more days until Spring!

Can you see all kinds of spring shapes in these stencils? (We're sure here at StencilGirl that these stencils could match any season, but we are in the mood for a break from Winter and Suzi, herself, describes the mini 4x4 inch stencils as an egg.)

Are you blooming with creativity? Need more ideas? The StencilGirl Team members will share journal pages, a card, and a full-on mixed media project. You can see them right here on the next Stencil Girl Talk post. 

Art journal page by Suzi Dennis
While you are waiting for this month's Stencil Club stencils you can check out how Suzi Dennis made print blocks from stencils, using stencils on freezer paper in a couple of guest posts.  Of course we introduced her as one of our designers in 2015.

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