Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Treat yourself to our team's March 2016 StencilClub Inspiration!

Color that is nearly three-dimensional in an art journal, a pig that flies, an enchanted box, and a trip to outer space are sure to make you realize that a world where minds are free to imagine is indeed a wondrous place to live.

Hi! Mary Nasser here to share
what I've been making with the March 2016 StencilClub stencils!

I am in love with these stencil designs by Suzi Dennis and am having lots of fun with them in my black cardstock Dylusions art journal!

Of course, I see maps when I look at these designs (no surprise)!
They remind me, too, of aerial images of ancient stone henges and ruins – mysterious and complex.
The shapes are delightful, and I know I’ll be using these stencils often!

For this art journal spread, I’ve layered Dylusions acrylics, gesso and all three stencil designs!

Outlining each individual shape with white ink pen granted me time to experience and enjoy each shape!

You are going to love these stencils!!

Tis I, Carol, the stencil newbie, with a quick card.

Suzi Dennis mentioned an egg shape in her video reveal and I got to looking at it and wondered what shape would come out of such an egg... hmmm... now I know from whence flying pigs hatch! 

I had a few minutes waiting for a video to process so I made a card using Suzi Dennis' mini stencil to paint old paper bags I'd saved from the scrapbook store.

This card has nothing to do with the fact that a stick figure pig is about the only animal I can draw. (I like to fussy cut, it's kind of Zen.)
Now I am off to write a letter.

Hi everyone, next up it's Gwen 
with another project 
using this month's super fun stencils from Suzi Dennis.

When I was deciding how I wanted to use this stencils for this month's project, I held them up and looked at them and I just got kind of an underwater vibe from them. I saw sea plants growing up from the ocean floor, giant patterned bubbles, and swirling water. So with that inspiration, I decided to think inside the box... the cigar box, that is! I created an underwater story in an assemblage piece with the box as my substrate.

Above is the cover. You can see how I used part of the 9x12 as the background for my sea creature medallion, but what's harder to tell is that I used the 4x4 with gold crackle paste as the background of the medallion area - it's subtle, but the texture and detail it adds was just perfect.

On the inside inside the box itself I used the 9x12 stencil as a kind of abstract suggestion of sea plants and bubbles coming up from below. Can you see it? The fish is made from clay and is sitting inside a clay and mica porthole. The background uses the 6x6 stencil to suggest the water swirling around the little fishy.

The left side has some fun little sea monsters crawling out of their hidey holes.

 I used the 4x4 and 6x6 stencils to create backgrounds for these guys - if you look closely, you can see the stencil design making the perfect frame for each one of them.

I had so much fun using this month's stencils in my project - if you want to see more details (and a few step-outs from early in the process,) I added some more photos on my blog. These designs are so versatile... I love how easy it is to use them in almost anything! I hope you all enjoy this month's collection as much as I did! 

Hi Friends.

Janet here, ready to show you a few pages in my 


What a fun stencil! And such varied interpretations of it!
Mary saw ancient ruins and maps...
Carol saw a flying pig....
Gwen saw way cool sea creatures....
And I was reminded of outer space! 

I really had no idea where I was going with this...
until I dabbed green through the larger stencil on the right side of this spread 
to balance out the finished triangle mandala (made with this as the framework)
on the opposite side...
And Boom.... it was obviously a planet!
The washi tape rays became the retractor beams 
drawing the spaceship into it's orbit.
Of course.

Even these next one's are looking planetary!
I love that the "legs" going straight across under my number nine 
are a great place to journal on.

I tried out Mary Beth's new Classic Stencil Font in the 6x6 size on the  Thurs.
Also tried parts of Carolyn Dube's Never Ending Calendar for Feb 11 & Feb 12.

This spread was a great place to doodle while watching TV with the hubby.

What fun to see all these interpretations of the same stencil!


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  1. I'm totally dazzled by all this fantastic artwork and these gorgeous new stencils! Thanks, everyone!

  2. Wow! I am amazed at what everyone got out of my stencils!! That was fun! We all have such different "eyes". Thanks for trying them and glad you enjoyed using them! I use them a lot!

  3. You are all amazing! I love stencils and I love what you all did!

  4. Wow! It's all so totally cool to see the awesomeness that everyone comes up with! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. What fun and fabulous work (and stencils)!

  6. TONS of great ideas!!! that pig is adorable....

  7. Oh. My. Goodness. You've topped all previous projects with this one! (I think that with each one...;)Love love love all your interpretations! :)


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