Friday, May 6, 2016

Color Lifting with StencilGirl Stencils and Water Soluble Oil Pastels

Hello crafty friends! It’s Jess Gerstner from I am very excited to once again be guest designing for StencilGirl Products. I love working with stencils in my cardmaking. I also love how you can use stencils with many mixed media products to create great effects. So for today’s tutorial I am combining stencils with water soluble oil pastels.

I wanted to show you a technique that could be used to suit a variety of styles depending on the colors or stencil you use. So I have a few different cards with the same technique.
The video gives you a detailed tutorial but I’ve also written out the directions below for reference.
The stencils I featured on today’s cards are designed by Jessica Sporn: Cascading Feathers, the Scales, and Three Owls and a Branch.

To create these backgrounds I used watercolor paper and water soluble oil pastels to create a base layer. It is important to activate the base layer with water and dry it so that it does not react with the next step. After that, I completely covered the background with a dark color of oil pastel such as black or Prussian blue. Then I put the stencil over it and secured it with tape. In order to get the top layer off, I laid a thick baby wipe over the stencil and rubbed it with my finger. I found that for best results I had to do this two or three time. However the baby wipes that you use end of lifting the stencil design as well and would be great to use in other projects.

Thank you so much to StencilGirl for letting me join you and to all of you for checking out my projects. I hope that some of you will follow along with me on social media.


  1. Very nice video I really like the way you used the media and the stencil. I will be using this technique for some Father's Day Cards. Thank you Jess.
    mrsjetjr at yahoo dot com

  2. beautiful. i will be trying this!

  3. thanks! looks like a fun project

  4. Love it and will be trying it sometime!

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