Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Painterly Goodness in my unPlanner

Hi, all! Anna Friesen here! 
I'm excited to show you - as a brand new StencilGirl design team member - how I use stencils in the pages of my art journal/unPlanner. 

The unPlanner concept was developed by Rae Missigman, Sandi Keene and Lorraine Bell from Art to the 5th. Check it out HERE. :)

I use my StencilGirl stencils in my unPlanner on EVERY PAGE, I think, Each month I pick a color theme, so for June, I am using hot coral, teal, baby pink and a warm yellow.

I will use five different stencils throughout these pages:

The above photo is saying, come on, let me tell you all about these pages. Step right in! :)

I''ll show you my steps for one of the pages shown. For more details of the other pages, check out my blog.

I had not specifically planned to use the page shown below for my unPlanner, as I was just playing with pretty paints and pretty stencils. It turned out so nice, that I decided to use it for my unPlanner, designing everything else around it. :) 

When I was brainstorming what I wanted to share with you all, my heart kept pitter-pattering over the gold and pink combination I see in so many places. So, that's how I started. 

Let's play!

I paint/smear baby pink paint onto the back of an old Gelliprint. Gold and baby pink paint meet paper.
I plop some Golden Fluid Iridescent Gold Deep (fine) acrylic onto the paper, and start stenciling gold flowers with the Bold Lily stencil over the pink. Mmmmmm....I like it!

I use both the mask and the stencil for this.

I go back and forth between these two stencils, with the three colors to fill my page. The gold blob of paint has become part of my background.

Okay, so I have gold on the pink, but I want it brighter, Fibonacci stencil and white gesso, randomly adding it to the paper comes next. I have always loved the Fibonacci sequence story, the art behind some of the math we take for granted, and I was so happy when I discovered that StencilGirl had a stencil of the design! 

Neon Red (actually a hot coral color) comes next, as it isn't bright enough for my eyeballs. lol

To the left above, you can see a touch of texture made with baby pink and the August 2015 club stencil that looks like a doily. I love the subtlety it gives to the overall look.

You can see more of it in this one.

To add more dimension to the Fibonacci design in some areas, I top the hot coral with gesso, using the same stencil. Add in some yellow randomly as well. 

Notice I do things randomly a lot? ;)

I add a teal color and the Kilim stencil portion with the flower strip for the centers of the lilies. I mask off the rest of the stencil with washi tape so that I don't get stray design marks. I use cosmetic sponges for applying the paint.

I doodle in areas with a white gel pen to add more dimension and interest.

Next come arrows, which I also mask off.

I use just a portion of the stencil, and repeat the design above the one I just stenciled.Then I add white gel pen doodles, outlining the v shapes and dots on the arrows.

And there it is. 

Next comes the margin decorating.  I stencil with the Half-Moon Slant stencil with gesso and the hot coral mixed in, in a random fashion on scrap kraft paper.

I love the combination of kraft with the soft pink and gold.

I doodle around the shapes with a white gel pen.

I cut the kraft into strips and sew them to the page, and punch holes for the binder rings. and sew all around the edges. 

Pictured below is the front, and the next photo is the other side, which serves as a flip-out for the monthly view.

Taking the baby pink, hot coral and teal paint, I paint all the days of the week spots that I printed off. These printables come as part of the DLP membership, designed by the Art5 ladies. Then I cut them out, glue them to the kraft paper, and stitch all around.

Here's a peek of June 1-3, which faces the page I just decorated.

Below is June 4-11.

For both of these margins, I simply paint paper with the gold paint.

I could share a lot more details about how I put my unPlanner pages together, but I will leave that for my own blog, not here on StencilGirl Talk. Would love a visit from you to see what I'm all up to. :)

I'll leave you with two other pages I made for my art journal, using the same stencils as I did here, but in slightly different ways.

See my blog for more details about these pages. :)

I hope you enjoyed seeing my process, and I'll see you another time!


♥♥♥  Anna  ♥♥♥

Instagram: @annawho


  1. everything is absolutely gorgeous! my favorite colors too ;-)

  2. Thank you so much , Elise!! :)

  3. These pages are absolutely GORGEOUS Anna! You are amazing!

    1. You're so sweet, Michelle! Thank you so much!!

  4. Beautifully done, Anna! You sure know how to sling that gold paint and make it work so well with the other colors!

    1. Thank you, beautiful! That gold is the cat's meow! :) :)

  5. love the way your mind works and your hands obey. Amazing pages

    1. Diana, what a nice way to put it! :) :) Thanks!

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