Thursday, June 9, 2016

New stencils from Seth Apter and June Pfaff Daley

No matter where you live, let this be the time to think about Independence and re-affirm your goals and dreams.

We've so got this!

StencilGirl is proud to bring you new stencils by Seth Apter and June Pfaff Daley! Feast your eyes then keep on scrolling for lots of delicious eye candy and a couple of tutorials to inspire your mixed media art to new heights:

Part mask; part stencil! 

The 3 new 6 by 6 inch stencils in the graphic above are part of Seth Apter's On the Edge series.

Truth is, while Seth was designing the series, Mary Beth said that she always wanted a stencil with the words she says to spur herself onward, "you got this".

So he made it :-)

Along with these affirmations we speak to friends and tell ourselves:

Discover more about the Art and Design of Seth Apter HERE
Check out the On The Edge stencils he created with masks built into the designs exclusively for StencilClub members HERE.

Swoosh! Boom! Sparkles! Fireworks!

Are you ready to declare you independence with June Pfaff Daley's Americana series? You are! Fantastic!
June in her own words:

“It started with a Bang. Literally. On a pleasant July 4th evening surrounded by family they started. Brilliant bursts of color exploding throughout the midnight sky. I certainly had witnessed my share of fireworks in the past, but this time I saw something else. Stencils. I won’t deny that after you’ve been a StencilGirl and a stencil user suddenly you are seeing stencil possibilities everywhere and this night was no exception. Finally, almost a year later, I can proudly say the bursts I had enjoyed in the sky over the years are now in stencil form.
As one thing often leads to another, I felt that fireworks weren’t enough to do all of the projects I wanted to create. So I added a stars and stripes to the collection. And while this particular post has a patriotic theme going on, the awesome thing about this collection is you can use these stencils for soooo many other applications. Like this is totally going to ruin my red, white and blue color scheme for this post, but here’s a peek inside my journal…”

“Yes, fireworks equal flowers as well. But for now I’d like to give you some quick tutorials on the red, white and blue projects at the top of this post. The 4th of July is only a month away so invite your friends over for a celebration…”

“For this invite, I simply folded a piece of 6.5” x 10” black cardstock to make a 5” x 6.5” card. I stenciled with the 6” x 6” S403 in white and then used Gelly Roll pens to color in some details. Party details can be written in white inside.” (There is also a 9x12 version of this stencil.)

“So what to wear to your party? Patriotic shirts of course! For this no-sew t-shirt I used the 6” x 6” USA stencil, the 6” x 6” Military Style Stars stencil and the 9” x 12” Stripes stencil.”
Here’s a breakdown of what you see happening above:
1) Gather your stencils, a solid t-shirt, fabric paints and brushes.
2) Center the state stencil. Tape in half and paint solid white below the tape line. Let dry.
3) Position star stencil on top and stencil stars in white. Outline this portion in white. Let dry.
4) Position line stencil on top of solid white portion and stencil stripes in red. Let dry. Done!

“For the second shirt I used a bright red tank top.”
Here is how to create:
1) Gather a tank or t-shirt, stencils, navy jean fabric, fabric paint and brush.
2) Make star fabric by using the 6” x 6” star stencil and white fabric paint. Let dry.
3) Iron fusible web to the back of your star fabric. Use the 6” x 6” USA stencil and a fabric pencil to mark and then cut out.
4) Center and iron the USA to your shirt. Sew the USA approx. 1/8”  in with white thread using a sewing machine. Done!

“What every party needs…koozies aka wraps to keep your canned beverages ice cold! To make these, I first stenciled a piece of 4.5” x 10.5” fabric with fabric paint.” (See below for the full-out design.)
1) Sandwich the following in this order: Stenciled fabric, 2-sided fusible insulated foam, plain fabric.
2) Zig-zag stitch all around the edge of the sandwich.
3) Straight stitch Velcro to the front and inside of the koozie.

“Here they are flat (above) and here they are working hard to keep your beverages cold (below)”:

“And that’s a wrap! (sorry couldn’t help myself) Hopefully I’ve inspired a few ways to celebrate summer and freedom. Please let me know what you create and enjoy the summer festivities!”

June Pfaff Daley

Discover more about mixed media artist June Pfaff Daley on her WEBSITE and check back in with her on StencilGirl Talk on June 25 because she is going to have another special tutorial with one of the stencils her Fireworks series!

In the meantime, you can get all of June's newest stencils HERE.


  1. Wow they are all just gorgeous stencils. I'm a huge Seth Apter fan so I will be needing all of his new ones for sure. But I'm also in love with the firework , and stars from Pfaff Daley. I see a big order in my future lol. Love what they create sorry them as well ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Sherry Canino took the words right out of my mouth. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  3. Mister Seth Apter, what do you do?!!! A must-have again :)

  4. Good LAWD, it's a good thing I'm a stencil addict.I'm too broke to afford crack. LOL! Headed right over to buy all this new stuff!

  5. PS: where can I buy the fusable insulating foam, used to make the drink koozies?

    1. I found it at my Joanne's! Makes the project so easy!

  6. I love how you used the Stencils in your art journal! I used to art journal a ton, but sorta got out of the habit. Stencils definitely make it easier to journal, huh?

    1. Absolutely! especially when you feel 'stuck' and need a starting off point.

  7. Lovely! I am extremely "artistically challenged" I can think of the idea but that's as far as I go ;-)

  8. WOW! Absolutely Amazing! I didn't know Stencils can be that fun!!!!!

  9. I never realized that stencils had so many applications. What fun you must have! my favorite is 'You Got this!'

  10. I love the bloom where you are planted stencils. Truly gorgeous!


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