Wednesday, June 8, 2016

StencilClub June 2016 Inspiration by Stencil Club Voices with Carolyn Dube's Sand and Sea Stencils!

Hi! I'm Carol Baxter the manger for StencilClub and what a treat we have for you today.

StencilGirl Products and Mary Beth Shaw are proud to announce that beginning this month and going forward, 3 StencilClub members are going to be making art for the inspiration posts.

Sherry Canino, Lisa Dobry, and Trena Lynn Brannon are your hosts for Stencil Club Voices for June and July!

This month they used the Sand and Sea set that Carolyn Dube designed:


C'mon! Let's get to their fantastic, inspirational projects!

Butterfly Island 
triptych by Sherry Canino

I am thrilled to be a part of StencilClub Voices. I have had a wonderful time since joining in 2015. When I go to the beach I can't help but feel relaxed by the sound of the waves, the myriad shades of blue in the water, and feel of sand beneath my feet.

Carolyn Dube's stencils made it easy for me to bring the beach indoors Listen and you might be able to hear the waves.

You can see the full tutorial over on my blog: Canino's Artistic Cafe.

Embrace Life’s Waves 
by Lisa Dobry

Hello, I am Lisa Dobry and I am “Proud to be a Voice” for June 2016!

The opportunity to participate in the launch of StencilClub Voices is particularly significant, as I received my first StencilClub set last year in June. Joining StencilClub has been a real “game changer” for me.

Interacting on the Club page with so many artists, all with different styles and all at different stages of their artistic journeys has helped me grow significantly as an artist. Seeing the enormous variations of others using the same stencils has caused me to look further and push a piece farther when I am creating. It has taught me to see the stencils as images and pieces of images in ways I did not see before joining the club.

My contribution for June’s StencilClub Voices is called Embrace Life’s Waves. As you’ll hear in the video, this piece took on a “life of its own” and reflected a particularly chaotic day I was having. I hope you enjoy the video.

Embrace Life’s Waves was created with the following stencils by Carolyn Dube:
StencilClub June 2016 - Sand and Sea

Click the arrow above to watch Lisa Dobry's video.

Let Your Dreams Set Sail 
with Trena Lynn Brannon

I'm Trena Lynn Brannon and I am so excited and honored to be part of the first StencilClub Voices! With Carolyn Dube's awesome May designs, I created a greeting card (I saw this in my mind as soon as I pulled the stencils out of the envelop :)), a journal cover and then just had to do a page. I'm lovin' being part of StencilClub!!

Please visit my blog post to see tutorials with break-out photos of my art pieces: Stamping Painting and Collage.

Card (above). Journal (below) front, back, and interior.

StencilClub makes our lives fun and we think the world of our members. We thank Lisa, Trena Lynn, and Sherry for their participation with this month's inspiration.

Want to make art with the June set of StencilClub stencils? Become a member of StencilClub HERE by June 15.

Inline image 1


StencilClub members!

Want a chance to become a Voice?
   * get the club stencils about 6 weeks early
   ** post a pic of your inspirational piece right here on StencilGirl Talk
   *** a StencilClub Voices button for your blog

Contact StencilClub Manager Carol via email (you can find the address in the club newsletters) or StencilClub's secret group on Facebook and tell her why you are interested. 

Every month or so, as the whim strikes the StencilGirl staff, we'll draw names out of a hat to see who gets early StencilClub stencils next!


  1. Blown away by all the creativity here! Sherry, Lisa, and Trena- WOW!

    1. Thank you so much Carolyn, when I saw your video I was OMG duh why didn't I think of that haha. That's why I love stencils so much millions of ways to use them and all so awesome !!

  2. Love the projects, will be going to the blogs shortly. A chance to get stencils early, you betcha'....gerriejohnnic (at) gmail (dot com)

  3. this makes me so happy!!! i love you all!! xxoo ;-)
    i love your work too OF COURSE!!

    1. Elise You are too sweet, I adore you and your work as well and before summer ends we need to get together and have a play date :)

    2. Thank you Elise! It was pretty exciting waiting for the big unveiling day. Love and Hugs!

  4. Love the projects, will be going to the blogs shortly. A chance to get stencils early, you betcha'....gerriejohnnic (at) gmail (dot com)

  5. You ladies laid down a hard road to follow.......amazing work, and love for this club. I love all the ideas you have shared and can't wait to sit down and start using them! Carol, Lisa, ladies ROCK!

    1. Thank you Gerrie! Appreciate your kind words and excitement. Your June stencils by Carolyn Dube will be here before you know it! Can't wait to see what you create with them.


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