Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Stencil a Summer Beach Bag

Hello all, CreativeTeam member Marleen here with my first project for this amazing stencil family StencilGirl!
Here in the Netherlands we had summer temperatures last week so I got that summer feeling.

I bought summer cloth and shoes and I'm ready for vacation, sun and a swim in the pool.
With my new shoes I got a really nice burlap bag and then an idea was born!
I took some canvas fabric together with my Rae Missigman stencils (with masks) and fabric paint and started with what I had in mind. 

stencils with masks
Here are the step by step photos:

Tape your canvas around your cutting mat, then it is easy to paint.
Choose your colors.
Choose your favorite stencils!
Take a sponge and go....

Then take your sewing machine and sew the white lines. Not all the lines, but the once you like.
 I'm not a good sewer but I don't mind if it is not exactly on the line.

This burlap bag is plastic-coated and it is very stiff.  I discovered that it was impossible to sew the canvas all the way inside the bag. I only sewed the topside and the rest I glued with fabric glue.
I made a front and backside.
It's still a little flat and I missed some black.

After all the paint was dry I decided to make some hanging accessories to add to the bag.
Make a cord.
 Add Turquoise Relique to some metal embellishments. Seal with ICE Resin to make permanent.
Take some shrinking plastic, alcohol inks and 2 feather stencils and make some extra embellishments (make holes before shrinking!).

Put it all together and add it to the bag.

Yeah, I'm ready for summer!

These are the stencils I used:

Hope you are inspired!
More inspiration on my BLOG, Facebook and YouTube channel.

Till the next project and have a beautiful summer with some stencil-time!


Marleen ;)


  1. Marleen! This is wonderful! Thank you!

  2. So inspiring! Love this. Going to your blog now! hugs

  3. I really be this! Perfect summer tote.

  4. LOVE THIS!!! Nothing like paint on fabric.

  5. Great project! I love the idea of using your stencils with shrink plastic!

  6. There are hundreds of beach accessories from which to select, such as floating mats, boogie boards, lunch or picnic sets, and towels. baby beach tent pop up


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