Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Layered Circles with StencilGirl Stencils by Anna Friesen

Hi! Anna here, showing you my latest project video using Gwen Lafleur's Decorative Elements Stencil series.  I warn you in advance: I get very messy and random, elbow deep in paint. :)

This is the fourth piece in a series I started a few months ago. It's full of many layers and lots of finger painting.

Enjoy my video! :)

Some things to note:
- I use two of my previous pieces as a guideline, sticking close to a similar colour scheme and overall idea.
- I cut out various sized circles to use as masks.
- My starting point was simply a piece of watercolour paper that I started who knows when, and got stuck on. I love when I can take something out of my junque pile and repurpose it! :)

Loving all the little nuances and swaths of colour in this piece. Though, the very first one I did is still my favourite!

I can't find the third one, nor a photo of it! I've upended almost my entire art journaling stash looking for it. I'm sure tomorrow it'll just appear, late to the party. haha!

 Liquitex Basic: Prism Violet, Deep Violet
Artist Loft: Aqua Green, Deep Magenta
Amsterdam Standard Series: Quinacridone Rose, Greenish Yellow
Golden High Flow Acrylic: Flourescent Pink
Golden Fluid Acrylic: Raw Umber, Titan Buff, Cobalt Turquoise, Turquoise (Phthalo)
Craft Paint: Deco Art White, Martha Stewart Satin Party Streamer

Stencils Used:
(just a few of the stencils are pictured above)


  1. I absolutely LOVE this!!! Beautiful work, and I'm so honored that you used my stencils for this! Thank you!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Felt like we were having a playdate!!! Great piece. Love!!!

  3. Felt like we were having a playdate!!! Great piece. Love!!!


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