Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Marleen's Stenciled and Stitched Trousers

Hello StencilGirls fans! Marleen here with a new blogpost, painting on clothes.
Well I was excited because I decided to make my own trousers and using stencils on it.
If it would not work.... pfff I had to through my trousers in the trashcan. 
But luckely that didn't happen!

I used many stencils:

First wash your fabric before painting, the paint will better attach to the fabric.
Stitch half a leg. Paint the flowers on a separate piece of fabric. 
 There was missing a little extra... 
 ... so use a March '16 Club Stencil to paint directly on the trousers.
 Then add some extra color using with these lovely stencils from Terri Stegmiller.
 Stitch the flowers and add some decorative stitches.

After drying finish sewing the trousers.

Add some extra scrap ribbons and I felted a belt in the same colors.

More inspiration on my BLOGFacebook and YouTube channel.

Have a creative day!
Marleen xx


  1. Great!!!! I love the way you use your creativity. So unique honestly your the best!!!

  2. What a clever use of your stencils! Now you've got my mind zipping...thanks for the inspiration. Fab project!

  3. Loved this idea. You didn't mention sealing the paints is this needed?

  4. love. I have been trying to locate stencils like this. what great ideas.


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