Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Canvas Bookmarks with StencilGirl Stencils!

Hi! Patter Cross here. I am so excited to share a tutorial with you today! Today we'll be making Canvas Bookmarks. I have been making Canvas Bookmarks since about 2011. I love them. The ones I am currently using have held up for the past 5 years, and they are still going strong. But it is definitely time for something new and fun so I thought I would use my favorite StencilGirl stencils and show you how I make them. But first, let me answer the question “Who really still uses a bookmark?” For me, I still read real books along with my Kindle. I also use one in my planner, my Bible, my journals, etc. In my planner, I like to find the current week with this pretty canvas bookmark instead of a plastic marker. Also, my college girls love them for their textbooks, planners, and notebooks. They also make great gifts. Now let’s make a few.

Supply List
Fabric: Canvas Home Basics canvas fabric sheet
Stamps: Stampin' Around Nursery Letters, old plastic lids Gesso
Paints: Daler Rowney FW acrylic artist ink fluorescent orange and fluorescent pink, Tim Holtz Distress paint squeezed lemonade, Dina Wakley heavy body acrylic paint lime, Americana desert turquoise, Golden Fluid Acrylic Paynes gray, Apple Barrel white and key west
Tools: Golden gesso, used gift certificate or hotel key, Pigma Micron 05 and 08 pens, Scotch Guard, Glossy Accents, magnets, sewing machine with black thread

Step 1: Cut a 10”x10” piece of canvas and cover one side with gesso. Let dry.
Over the years I have found that it is much easier to apply gesso with an old gift card instead of a paintbrush.
It goes on super fast and applies a nice layer if  you use a gift card or hotel room key.
Step 2: Begin adding layers of mist and acrylic paint using various StencilGirl stencils.
Here I started with a mist using the Puddles stencil.
Step 3: Continue adding layers of mist and acrylic paint.
Also use old lids to add white paint and a contrast color to add circles to the canvas.
At this point, I have now used Love Collage, Playful Bloom, Puddles, Inky Circles,
Imaginary Bloom, and Illegible stencils. 
Step 4: Finish the layers when you like how the overall canvas looks.
Also add splatters to the canvas if desired.

Step 5: Begin outlining random images with Pigma Micron 05 and 08 pens.
You can see below how I outlined the flowers.
Step 6: Lightly spray with Scotch Guard if desired, and let dry.

Step 7: Before cutting my fabric into pieces, I like to square up the edges. I make sure they are super straight. Once all four edges are straight, cut your dry, painted canvas into 1 1/2” x 6 1/2” pieces.
You should get about 6-7 of those. Then you will have a leftover section at the bottom.
Cut those into 1 1/2” x 3 1/2” pieces. You will get about 6-7 of those giving you 12-14 bookmarks.
The number will vary depending on how much canvas you had to cut off when straightening the edges.
Step 8: Using your sewing machine and any thread you choose, sew "messy" around the edge of each bookmark. I use a straight stitch and go back and forth until I have gone around the entire bookmark.
Here you can see the messy stitching along with a close-up photo.
I also like to leave the strings instead of cutting them but that is personal preference.
Step 9: Fold each bookmark in half and “messy sew” again across the fold. I usually sew about ¼” in from the folded edge but you could go larger (even ½”). That is the amount that will stick up out of the book.
Step 10: Using your favorite liquid glue, glue magnets to the inside bottom of each bookmark. I prefer using Glossy Accents. Sometimes I cut small pieces of magnet from a roll and other times I use magnetic discs.
Let dry overnight. 
Now your bookmarks are ready to be used or given away!
Thank you so much for the opportunity to share here on Stencil Talk!
Feel free to join me on my blog at Triple the Scraps or on Instagram.
Patter Cross


  1. Great tutorial! Love the project! You made it look so fun and simple! Will definitely give this a try :) thank you.

  2. What a great idea! These would make beautiful a Christmas gifts for the office.

  3. Great idea. These would be an easy project for craft fairs. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That is such a cool idea. Thanks for the tutorial Patter!

  5. Beautiful bookmarks. Thanks for sharing.

  6. These are stunning! You make it look so easy... thanks for the detailed instruction. :)

  7. Wonderful book 📚 marks I need one myself
    Thanks for sharing your tutorial

  8. fabulous and so artsy, yes great idea for gifts, TFS

  9. Thank you all for your kind words, and glad you like them. Also thank you to Mary Beth and Mary for the opportunity!

  10. They are so pretty.. Thank you for sharing your tutorial.


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