Friday, November 11, 2016

Nature & Nurture StencilClub set left Voices feeling fabulous!

Our StencilClub Voices for November have made projects with Jessica Sporn's stencils that are sure to make you ohh and ahh between smiles.

On with the show!


Hello from Beverley Folkard.

I looked at the collection of multiple flowers, leaves and organic shapes and decided I ought to challenge myself.  Take a closer look, dissect, see what is hidden within.  So this became a fun page of experimenting with shapes.

Only the pupils and eyelashes are drawn in, everything else uses shapes found in all three stencils.

The quote is cut from a magazine supplement.  Background and base are acrylic paint, the figures are coloured in with Inktense Pencils and Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens.



Hi! Elise Buskey here to share a few photos of what I did with Jessica Sporn’s November Club Stencils.

These stencils are really pretty. I love Jessica’s style.

I like to keep it simple if at all possible. Life can be stressful and often I use stencils as part of a relaxing past time…like knitting or putting together a puzzle. I use high quality Mixed Media, Printmaking or Hot Press Watercolor Paper.

Working in a bound book stresses me out. I have some Zentangle Spiral Bound Calendars that I use to doodle with stencils.

I use any kind of paint from craft paint to gouache to higher quality paint such as Golden Acrylic Paints. I love Micron and Pit Pens although I destroy a lot of them working over paint. I buy them by the box!

I have noticed that being a part of this group has given me the courage to allow myself to create in my unique way rather than trying to copy others.  Although my impulse is to want to copy people who inspire me, I have made some headway in accepting myself and letting myself do what feels right to me. My guess is that the encouragement and validation has impressed me enough to inspire self reflection.

Please enjoy the photos and I sure hope I have encouraged people to take it easy and just goof around with stencils and paint.



Hi, Denise Spillane here. I love the November Stencils and had so much fun working with them.

I decided to use one of my wooden houses for the project. I gesso end the wood and stenciled with the 6x6 stencil on the front and back. I drew a girl who unintentionally reminds me of frozen. I don't know why or how that happened! Maybe it was the longing for fall weather, 90s while I made these. I really like the texture and layers.

I then used the 9x12 stencil (in love) to do the sides. On one side I focused on the flowers so they are dominant. On the other side I used the leaves (feathers). I used quite bright colors. On the roof I used the 4x4 which reminded me of roof shingles a bit.

After everything dried I decided to outline the designs and then darken the edges. I really liked it, but it still needed something. So, I used my Deco Art Media Burnt Umber to antique the entire house. That was exactly what was needed!

I am going to make more of these houses with these stencils. There is so much detail to work with. Thank you Stencil Girl for this opportunity to play. You can find me on my SunMoon Gal blog

I hope you all love these stencils as much as I do,


Hi, it's Carol Baxter. I like it when my muse bonks me on the head!

I looked at the large stencil upside down as I pulled it out of the envelope and immediately saw a can can dancer (when Beverley sent over her stencil people I just had to grin - great minds). I used little pieces of tape to make the top skirt 3D.

I think that Mary Beth's large stencil (bridges? city? industrial plant?) from October StencilClub made the perfect pairing for Jessica Sporn's small leafy stencil from this month's. 

Thanks Jessica (and Mary Beth) for designing such great stencils!


In case you missed Jessica Sporn's reveal video, CLICK HERE.

Need to join StencilClub and get these stencils when they ship on November 15? Here's THE LINK.


  1. Everyone created such beautiful projects. Totally love all the creativity ❤️❤️❤️

  2. This was a fun post to read. Such a variety of ideas with this release. Carol, I had to smile because I had a similar idea with the October stencil and the 6x6 vines. Maybe I will put it on my blog. What a fun month!

  3. Well, I love everything here! And I'm intrigued by TissueTex. I can't find any US source of this material online. Elise, can you help? Many thanks!

  4. What a great variety to inspire us. I can't wait to get the months stencils.

  5. Beverly, what a super creative way to use this set! I don't think I would have seen that in them. Do darn cute!!!!

  6. Elise, I love your art and I often think of you when I'm creating. Although I'm a much messier artist than you, I've taken ideas from your doodles and brought them into my work. We learn from each other. Great work my friend.

  7. Dee,this is such a great piece. I really want to sit in the garden with her. Love it.

  8. Carol,simply too cute for words!


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