Wednesday, March 8, 2017

StencilClub Voices Bring Home the Pineapple!

Hello and welcome! Tis I, Carol Baxter from StencilGirl.

I am pleased to share with you that our StencilClub Voices, Jackie Davidson, Jinx Engstom, and Eva Gronroos, went to town with the March 2017 StencilClub set designed by June Pfaff Daley.

If you did not think these stencils were versatile, think again. Our Voices stenciled an apron, a tote, a canvas and greeting cards. 

Jackie Davidson Totes in Style

Hi everyone! My name is Jackie Davidson and I am happy to be part of StencilGirl's March 2017 Voices! The stencils by June Pfaff Daley are so sweet... they reminded me of old-fashioned samplers - so that was the inspiration for my project.

Supplies:  March's StencilGirl Club stencils, craft paints, used dryer sheets, tiny bubble wrap (for batting), embroidery thread, and a canvas bag I purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Process:  I stamped and painted both sides of the canvas bag and the dryer sheets. I embroidered the design on the stamped dryer sheets with the bubble wrap layered between them, then attached my little rectangle to the canvas bag with a blanket stitch.

Easy-peasy and so much fun to make! Now I need to decide what art treasures to store inside...or maybe it will be a gift for my Mom...

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to play with this month's stencils and share my art with you.

Feed Eva Gronroos Color

Eva made and cut her own handmade apron and then stenciled it with March StencilClub as well as using lettering from November 2015 StencilClub by Seth Apter.


Upcyled cards & Welcome Canvas by Jinx Engstrom

 Jinx recycled some junk mail postcards (shiny paper) using her gel press plate and greens, golds, copper, burnt umber, burnt sienna, and raw umber. She cut them down to 3 ½” x 4 ½” and used an easy to control glue pen to adhere them to blank cards and envelopes.

My process: “I just played with color and stencils. I have been told not to use shiny paper on the gel press plate, however, I need to figure things out for myself.  It worked somewhat although it was not a solid coat so some color peeked through the gesso.”

At the same time she painted a canvas using the large March StencilClub Pineapple stencil.

When she thought her canvas was too “dreary” she made a glaze out of golden open green gold and washed the canvas to make the background color brighter, stenciled it in the traditional way with a sponge and let it dry overnight. In the morning, she began layering colors.

My process: ” I had started with the darkest brown and it looked too flat for me so I used the lighter browns and lightly added touches to make the color look deeper. I did the same with the greens.  On the body of the pineapple which had green gold as a background and burnt Sienna as the shapes. I added touches of gold and copper which gives it interesting texture. I still was not satisfied with the greens so I used a brown stabillo pencil to create shading.”

Carol Baxter's Pirouette in a Pineapple Skirt

It's Carol jumping back in.Thanks for scrolling down! Our StencilClub Voices are so awesome! They never fail to inspire me and I hope they inspire you!

This card is my homage to turning the stencils this way and that and wondering what I could do with them that would be unexpected.

I made a total of 8 cards with March 2017 StencilClub stencils. 

If you want to know what the cards have to do with the songs, "Tiny Bubbles", "Lime in the Coconut" and another one by Elvis, you can check out my Stardust in My Pocket blog.

Ready to join StencilClub and get these cool stencils? Do so by March 15th, 2017 and they will arrive in your mail box a few days later. Check out what June has planned project-wise with these stencils for club members.

Or, peruse more stencils designed by June Pfaff Daley right here.


  1. What gorgeous art from everyone!! I love pineapples to eat now I'm gonna love creating art with them too how fun ❤❤❤

  2. Congratulations on such super cute projects!


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