Thursday, March 9, 2017

Art Inspiration & 15 NEW Stencils Designed by Carol Wiebe

StencilGirl is pleased to announce four new stencil series by Carol Wiebe ~ Asian Character Impressions, Diamond Facets, Organic Roots, and Woven!

Carol shares art inspirations in her own words with her 
15 new stencils: 

Gift Box

I began playing with my new stencils by doing something simple—decorating a box lid for a gift. A funny interaction took place when I sprayed ink onto my stencil and paint work. It gave an interference affect that I was actually pleased with.

S447, Diamond Facets 1, 6"x6" 
I decided to create some stenciled tissue paper to wrap my gift in, as well.

M158 Diamond Facets 4 Mini, 4"x4"

Creating cards, gift boxes, and wrapping paper are all wonderful ways to add a personal touch to gifts.

Mixed Media Necklaces

I took some black cloth and stenciled onto it with white paint. I made paper patterns of a few necklace shapes and held them up to a mirror to see if they suited me. I then sandwiched felt between the stenciled cloth and a piece of paper, and stitched around the stencil designs. The edges were stitched with a blanket stitch. A few beads, charms and some cord I crocheted completed the two necklaces.

I didn’t even need clasps, because the necklaces hang low enough to slip over my neck. I appreciate not having to fiddle with clasps.

Table Runner

The next thing I tried was a runner for a china cabinet in my dining room. I laid a paper on the cabinet and drew out a shape. I then folded the paper shape in half and cut it out with the two sides together so they would end up symmetrical. I used this as a pattern on black cotton, and now cut the shape out of the fabric. Transparent gesso painted on the underside gave the fabric sufficient body to be able to apply stencils on the right side. I will probably create this again, except I will use two layers of cloth and a “batting” of felt in between. That way I can stitch the designs after I have stenciled them.  

In the meantime, the simple painted runner looks quite attractive. Lace or a cord could be added to the edge if desired.

Mark Making & Subtlety in 
My Art Journal Pages

I joined Seth Apter’s ARTifacts project recently, and created a journal for it that now needs to be filled. What a perfect opportunity to get pages started (or finished) with these new stencils! Stencils, for me, are largely mark making tools. Often, when I have a painting or journal page that is just not coming together, I use stencils to add new marks, pull areas together, or give me ideas for a new direction. I also love using stencils on the edges of pages, where they add depth in intricate ways. Often, stencil marks can be very subtle and still make a big difference! 

I am also taking Kate Thompson’s “Soul Dwellings” course, and have been producing all kinds of paper and cloth pieces inspired by her methods. These are finding their way into my journals and art projects. 

And both of these creative people are part of StencilGirl as well! 

I must also give huge credit to Erin Faith Allen. I am over half finished her course, “Metamorph,” and have been thoroughly enjoying the monthly doses of inspiration she dishes out. Each is a feast! One thing that stood out for me was creating Oracle cards. You will soon see how that “assignment” plays out here.

These are a few of my journal pages.  I already sent the first page to Seth, but it has changed quite a bit since then. (I am sure that never happens to any of you.) 


My usual modus operandi is to employ collage, which I then paint over, stencil, and sometimes add stitch. 

The tiny “book” is part of the fabric section of the journal. It was made out of transparent organza. 

The rest of the journal pages may or may not be finished. A journal, after all, is a conversation, not just a soliloquy. I have to keep listening to what the pages ask me to do.

Oracle Cards within My Journal

I created a special pocket for Oracle Cards.

The Oracle Cards have only been finished on the back. The fronts are empty canvases waiting for further inspiration. They are made out of lightweight chipboard.

Lovingly Wrapped

This strange shape is a journal wrap (which makes me hungry, but that is a different wrap entirely). I was elated when I saw one pictured somewhere—probably on Pinterest— because although I enjoy making closures for journals, the idea of “wrapping” really appeals to me. Precious things are wrapped. Wrapping implies loving care, as when a child or other loved one is wrapped in a blanket. There is something ritualistic about wrapping and unwrapping that lends a “holiness” to the object.

She Rises From the City 
With the Moon In Her Hair

The last item I created was an 18” x 24” acrylic painting. I call it “She Rises From the City With the Moon In Her Hair”.

It was great fun giving the city “roots” with stencil L491, which I flipped and matched several times, while applying molding paste. A stencil allows you to do that! You don’t need two, like with stamps, to get a mirror image. It’s another reason I adore stencils. I painted the figure in this painting with electric orange and pink, even though her skin, and the moon she carries, are pale and white. There is a story in this painting that I am uncovering. 

If you have any comments or questions about any of the work, I would love to hear from you! 

Carol Wiebe
Silverspring Studio

Special surprise coming 
to StencilGirl Scoop newsletter subscribers!


  1. Wow Carol!! I love your amazing stencils!! Pretty sure I'm gonna need all of them!! And your painting is so beautiful!

  2. Kristie, you make my heart sing! I am thrilled to strike a chord with you.

  3. Carol Weibe, I am in awe. These are probably the most powerful stencils I will own. (As soon as they get to my mailbox) I'm doing a course where we are using Oracle and Tarot cards to connect with our intuition. Making our own cards is one part of the class. My heart sings at the site of your work and the potential of these stencils in my hands.

    1. Lisa, responses like this are one of the reasons why I make art. I would welcome a further conversation with you, especially around oracle cards!

    2. I am very new on the journey, but I feel like I did when I found yoga, that I was given a gift of awakening. I'm still very droggy and not fully awake but I'm hearing the calls. My email is if you'd like to connect outside of this thread. The synchronicities of several chance events has my eyes wide open.

  4. These are incredible Carol, but even better is what you do with them. I love it. Especially the wrap and the painting!

    1. Oh Creativity Goddess, I thank you. The journal wrap really caught my imagination and I can hardly wait to make more! the painting was a lark!

  5. I can't find Facets 4 on the website


  6. I LOVE these stencils and I love all of your ideas! I've followed your work for a couple of years and I'm so glad that you joined us!

    1. Big hugs to you, Karyl. That is a huge compliment, and I feel honored to have you love my ideas.

  7. WOW! your art is spectacular! you've been quiet lately...i figured you were up to something...and the designs are just incredible!

    1. Elise, you are a mighty observant woman! Thank you so much for your generous comments.

    2. i've got a bunch in my cart...thank you for the little 4x4's...i am tending towards as small as possible right now...

  8. Replies
    1. I know your work and appreciate your creativity, so thank you, Terry!

  9. These are keepers. I'm ordering them for my next classes at Artiscape!

  10. So many inspiring projects! I really love them all (and the stencils...)

  11. I see someone already expressed "WOW" . Truly magnificent inspirational pieces . Thank you for sharing.

  12. You are SO welcome, mcsuetx! It feels so good to inspire someone. I am constantly being inspired, and love giving some inspiration back.


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