Monday, April 17, 2017

Gwen's Gems - Art Journaling with Canvas Corp Brands

This month StencilGirl Products is collaborating with Canvas Corp Brands to show unique ways to combine StencilGirl stencils with a variety of Canvas Corp Brands surfaces and Tattered Angels Paint Kits, and I'm excited to get to participate via this month's edition of Gwen's Gems!

Be sure to check out the details at the end of this post on how you can win a prize package ​worth over $50 in goodies from StencilGirl Products and Canvas Corp Brands!

For my project this month I decided to make an art journal spread in the fabulous 5"x7" Ivory 7 Gypsies Naked Art Journal along with the Blue Rusty Metal Tattered Angels Paint kit, some of my new Art Deco stencils, and a few other goodies Canvas Corp Brands.

Here's my spread:

Ready for a tutorial?

To start, I opened to a fresh spread in the journal and took a bunch of patterned papers and turned them into a patchwork background using a technique I learned in a class with Seth Apter.

Next, I took my Tattered Angels paint kit and followed the instructions inside to paint and age the background. Here you can see the steps, starting with a light base coat and then adding pools of a darker blue paint spray.

Third I added the Glam paint and then did the optional step where I used my heat gun to make the paint bubble. (I love to make my paints and mediums bubble - you can do this with your other acrylic paints and it adds some really fabulous texture!)

Finally, I used the Glimmer Mist again on top of the Glam paint (I think I missed taking a photo where I added a layer as the third step.)

Above is a close-up of one of the aged spots on my page. Look how cool that is!

Next, I went to stencil onto the background with some of the Glam paint... and accidentally dumped about 1/3 of the bottle onto my layout.


As Carolyn Dube would say, it's an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly! Or as my mom always said when I was growing up, "an artist always makes something of her mistakes."

So I picked the whole thing up and started letting it spread and drip toward both the top and the bottom of the book, then dumped on more paint and kept doing it until I liked how it looked. (I let the excess drip off onto my palette and then poured it back into the bottle.)

I still wanted a stenciled design in the center, so I took the same stencil I was going to use before - my Art Deco Bookplates stencil, and carefully laid it over the wet paint. Then I just took a baby wipe and did some reduction stenciling - I wiped the wet paint off through the openings of the stencil.

It worked! I used my heat gun again to bubble the paint that was still wet and then hit it with some more Glimmer Mist to get more of that fabulous rusting effect. Honestly? I loved it so much I almost stopped here. That was definitely not a mistake, it was serendipity!

Of course, this is me so I didn't stop there.

I wanted to echo the rusty color of the Glimmer Mist, so I used red, orange, and yellow Stabilo All pencils to color in the circle openings from the stencil.

Next, time to embellish. I had a piece of really cool butterfly patterned paper so I cut a few out and used one of them as the pattern to make a larger butterfly from kraft cardstock. I stenciled that with my Art Deco Sunburst Background stencil and heat embossed it, then cut a smaller butterfly from some toile patterned paper and added some stenciling to that with my Art Deco Flower Medallion stencil and heat embossed that as well.

I wanted to customize the body of the butterfly, so I took some Canvas Corp Canvas Fringe and tore off a section, then stenciled that with a section from my Art Deco Bookplates stencil and Sepia Archival Ink.

I adhered everything together, inked the edges, added some self-adhesive flat backed gold beads, and then added a fun and funky self-adhesive tattoo from India.

I took two smaller butterflies cut from the paper and added watercolor...

I added fabric centers to those and some more self-adhesive gold beads to tie them in with the larger butterfly, then adhered everything onto the background.

Finally, it's a journal, so I added some journaling as the trailing flight lines from my butterflies.

I edged the spread with a gold paint pen and added a few gold lines here and there on the background, and it was done!

Here are a few close-ups so you can see some of the details:

I hope you enjoyed today's project and tutorial!

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Good luck with the giveaway, and until next time... happy stenciling!


  1. Beautiful patchwork background! #SGPCCBmatchup

    ( Annie )

  2. Love those butterflies! Don't you just love it when your OOPS take things to the next level? #SGPCCBmatchup

  3. Really fabulout journal spread. Love the bubbles and the spilled paint OOPS! The reverse stenciling to lift up the excess paint was a stroke of genius. I'm going to go spill some paint in my journal and try this! #SGPCCBmatchup

  4. Such lovely details and layers!

  5. Wow - love, love, love! So many cool things to try! #SGPCCBmatchup

  6. Ohhh the stencilling is amazing, just love the whole spread!

  7. So, I'm reading your tutorial and then suddenly you colored in those circles with the stabilo red, ornage and yellow and it made my heart skip. Funny, those magic colors hit me with a nice surprise! Transfixed with your process. #SGPCCBmatchup

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  9. Wow! I just love all the texture and details. This is fabulous! Thanks so much for the step by step. I wish I had the time for art journeling (and the guts to try it lol). I really love the vintage look. #SGPCCBmatchup

  10. Love this- great tutorial. I was constantly knocking over my bottles. After a spectacular Pomegranate Glimmer Mist spill started popping them into an empty $1 pencil holder size tin. I put it on my desk, anytime I open a bottle I pop it in the tin-no more spills!

  11. Such beautiful products. #SGPCCBmatchup

  12. Love butterflies.
    these are fantastic.
    Making the bodies out of the
    burlap and adding
    the Indian tattoo were
    wonderful ideas.
    thanks for sharing

  13. Those drips & splatters - awesome sauce! Cfrailey64(at)gmail(dot com) #SGPCCBmatchup

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