Thursday, April 27, 2017

4 Jubilant Journals and a Marvelous Mixed Media Piece

Welcome! So glad you've taken a moment out of your days to check out our Throwback Thursday art treats!

Junk Journal for Spring ~ Cindy Gilstrap

Hop over to Cindy’s blog and find out to create this fun Junk Journal with Stenciled Ribbon.

Daniella Woolf's Succulent stencil is featured on the lovely ribbon:

S224 Succulents

Challenge the World by Tina Walker


Butterfly Journal

Delve into Tina's mind, stencils used, and processes for these projects over on her blog.

Inside Happy with Tammy Tutterow

Hello! Tammy Tutterow checking in. Earlier this month I shared a tutorial featuring my Happy Moments Journal that I created for the StencilGirl and Canvas Corp Match Up.  I wanted to revisit it today to share a quick look inside.

When I make mini books and journals, I like to follow a formula for my pages that I use over and over through out the book.  I think it makes creating a book easier and allows me to put the focus on my words and photos.  I also like to try to integrate elements from my cover on the inside pages.

For this journal, I carried the polka dot theme from the cover to the inside by using the same Mini Dots Stencil.  I also brought the polka dots and ticking theme inside with pattern paper.  I introduced a few other favorite stencils that are repeated on the other inside pages: S002 Journal Notes 6 and S054 Your Thoughts 6.

Not Blank Anymore Journal - Carol Baxter

Hello! Carol chiming in now. 

What to do with an entirely blank small journal? I started out with Canvas Corp's Naked Journal from 7 Gypsies.

spritzed all the pages of the journal quite randomly with:

L179 Hands stencil

I stenciled in a bunch of hands using Jessica Sporn's stencil, then I looked for the eldest released stencil in my stash.

This is the 4th mini stencil StencilGirl ever produced. Mini Downward Stairs.

For some reason it struck me as dice, not lucky 7s but snake eyes... and as there is ever a song in my head... Do you hear good ol' Mr. Jagger singing, "You got to roll me and call me tumbin' dice"?

My art journal is the result of an afternoon's stenciling. I am sure I will continue to embellish it, but right now, I am going to let it rest.

A couple of newer stencils found their way into the journal too, including Mary Beth Shaw's Random Lace and the Winter Solstice Mini from StencilClub, Roxanne Evans Stout's Ocean Glider, Daniella Woolf's small Guitars and Dancing Lights, Carol Wiebe's Lunar Symbols, and Gwen Lafleur's Ornamental Compass Mask.


"Shining soul, drop on head."

"When the magic begins."

"Sometimes it happens out of sync." (above)

"Cacophony with applause."

"Gamble." (here it is, in the works)

"Everyone's a critic."

Am I my own worst one? That sweet little fish might be upside down. Thank goodness there are no stencil police!

Tip: If you have yet to layer once stencil over another, I highly recommend that you try it! I doubt Mary Beth thought her Random Lace would be used as scales, but I bet she'd be the first to tell you that the use of a stencil is in the eye of the beholder.

"Big laughs."

The Lunar Symbols stencil reminds me of a heart. It also looks like... oh! I can't tell you because now I want to see if I can make it into what I just saw as I am writing this post.

Do you save fortunes you break out of cookies? Apparently Mary Nasser does too. Check out her gorgeous journal cover and appropriate fortune here.

"Art friends share paint." (back cover)

This concludes our Throwback Thursday projects, but wait!

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    Thanks for sharing so many wonderful projects.

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  4. Gosh I just love all the journals they are so creative and beautiful !!!

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