Friday, April 28, 2017

Carolyn Dube: Art Journaling with StencilGirl Products

An art journal page can start with with anything, including something that was meant to be thrown away, like disposable palette paper. As the paint builds up on the palettes, I just can't bear to toss that bit of the rainbow in the trash, so I save them and use them for things like this.

Since I am all about getting to the play as quickly as possible, I used the Creative Station by Xyron to adhere the disposable paint palette into my journal.
This character, from Andrew Borloz's Kunst Puppen Set B, totally had me thinking French painter. Once I saw that hat, all I could think about were berets. With such a painty background, he was just who I needed on this page.
My Ransom Alphabet stencil created the title for the page. I stenciled the "t" first and worked backwards. Why? Because I knew I wanted the word to end at the edge of the page, so I started there. There is not rule that you have to stencil the first letter of a word first after all!
These squares, created using Mary Beth Shaw's Grid Outline 8x8 stencil, led me to thinking about high school English classes. Remember in English class when you'd read a book and then interpret the symbolism? Somehow this page had me flashing back to those classes.
Did the empty boxes mean that you can't put art in a box? Were they left blank to represent that each of us filled them with what we define as art? Doesn't that sound deep and meaningful? But that wasn't the reason. The actual reason was that I just liked it.
This is what I call the O.O.P.S. portion of the page.  Outstanding Opportunities Presenting Suddenly, one after another, as I tried to get some writing on the page that I liked.
In the end, the writing was buried under color. As much color as there was on the page, there just wasn't enough color on there for me yet, so out came the Gelatos and more play! Love how Mary Beth Shaw's Hash Marks look nestled under the Gelatos.
Next time you have a dried paint palette, try starting an art journal page with it and see where it takes you!
You can find more of Carolyn's OOPSies and play on her blog at

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