Wednesday, June 14, 2017

New designer! New stencils! Kristie Taylor

If you follow our design teams you'll recognize our newest stencil designer.

StencilGirl is thrilled to announce Kristie Taylor has joined our host of artists. Her collection of stencils feature mandalas, wings, weaves, patterns, and more!

Magical Mandalas

Heart Mandala with Border L540 
Kristie adores mandalas because they are so relaxing to draw. 

Kristie designed her Mandala Floral Stencil with art journaling in mind, as a way to add movement and style. Use one design element, several, or the whole thing! (It is featured in the artwork above.)

Mandala Floral, L541
30 Point Mandala with Border, L537
This stencil is full of delicate, intricate symmetry.
Crystaled 12 Point Mandala, S476
Inspired by snowflakes, but there are so many possibilities for creative adventures with this stencil and so can you ~ a flower, a firework, or as background texture!
Striped Mandala with Border, L542
The design can be the main focus or dry brush for a weathered look in your mixed media art.

Wings ~ 2 sizes!

Baby Angel Wings, S475

Angel Wings, L538
Wings symbolize freedom, flight, and the divine. Can you fly with the birds and soar with the angels?

Woven Textures

Symmetrical Basket Weave, S481
Tightly Woven Symmetrical, S489
As a child, Kristie was mesmerized watching the movement of her grandmother’s hands weaving intricate baskets.

Symmetrical Waves, S480 
The movement of quiet waves against the beach formed Kristie's inspiration for this stencil.

Patterns and More! 

Tri-textured Sheet Metal, S478
Sheet metal meets steam in this design.

What a dish!

Diamond Bell Square, S477
The look of Mexican tile inspired Kristie to create this versatile, geometrically focused stencil. (It is featured in the white framed painting a ways above in this post.)

Diamond Dot, L539
Diamond Dot was inspired by Aztec designs.

You can discover more about Kristie Taylor and order her stencil designs right here.

Will you choose patterns, mandalas, or wings for your art?


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