Friday, July 28, 2017

Guest Designer Kreative Kymona: 4 StencilGirl Projects & GIVEAWAY!!

Hello everyone!!! I'm super-duper excited to be here with all of you today!
I've always been a clean and simple artist but since Creativation this year, I've been intrigued with mixed media and stencils! I met Mary Beth Shaw while at the show and was amazed at what she shared with me!

The first StencilGirl Stencil I bought was Circles Circles and have been in love since.

So I'm here today to share with you some projects I created using some of my StencilGirl Products!
Sit back and check out what I created for you today:
Hello Scout Book
For this notebook, I used Mandalas, Circles, and Spheres by Maria McGuire to create the center design in the middle of this notebook.
Here is how I created this design:
1.      Place the stencil in the center of the notebook and place masking tape around the stencil as to not get the paint in place you do not want it.
2.      Add the different color paints on top of the stencil and use the brayer to spread it around the stencil evenly.
3.      Carefully lift the tape, then the stencil to reveal the beautiful design underneath.
4.      Add the sentiment in the center of the design.

Take a closer look:
Pretty easy and simple.
Now onto the second project!

Make It Matter Notebook
For this notebook, I used Feathers 6 by Cecilia Swatton to create the cover!
Here is how I created this notebook:
1.      I used Recollection Watercolor Crayons to create the watercolor background.
2.      Once the watercolor dried, I placed the Feathers 6 Stencil on top of the watercolor panel.
3.      Using white acrylic paint, dab the paint using a makeup sponge
4.      Once the paint dried, I stamped the sentiment using black ink.
Now it's time to make the notebook!

I used the Cinch machine to punch holes and bind the pages of this book. The inside pages are mixed media pages so that you can use different mediums in this notebook.

Here's a close up:
Totally awesome!!  Easy and fun to create, and it’s a great gift to give to someone. 

Now onto the third project!
Stenciled Tin Pans
I found these tin pans in the clearance section of my local craft store.Immediately I knew I wanted to try and stencil on them to see what I would get!
Take a look:
For these tins, I used Mod Ovals and Circles Small by Lizze Mayne and a stencil from Mandalas, Circles, and Spheres.
Decorating the cover of these tins was easy!
1.      Place the stencil on top of the lid of the tin, holding it in place with your fingers.  
2.      Use a makeup sponge and gently dab the paint over the stencil with little pressure.  
3.      Once the lid is covered, gently lift the stencil to reveal the design. 
4.      Once the paint dries, use a rub-on and add the sentiment over the design.
I'm very pleased with how this turned out. It was a first for me but certainly will not be the last! They make super cute gifts to give that could hold a gem inside.  

Art Journaling Page

For this art journaling page, I used StencilGirl July 2017 Maya Love stencil collection by Jessica Sporn, ATC Mixup 1Numbers Stencil, and Deconstructed Della Robbia Cluster Mask and Stencil.
Creating art journaling is so far from my clean and simple style, but I love it!! I love playing with paint, stencils and paste. I love learning about different techniques and how to use different products.
Creating this page was totally not planned at all. I choose items that were sitting on my desk.

So what do you think?  Would you give these clean and simple mixed media projects a try? 
I would love to hear from you.
Giveaway time!!
Wait, before you go, I have a giveaway!! 
I love sharing what I create so I'm giving away all of the projects created!!
Yes!!! That means four winners
To qualify, leave a comment below letting me know why you love using stencils for a chance to win.
The giveaway will end on July 28th at 11:59pm. The four winners will be chosen randomly.

Thanks again, StencilGirl Products, for having me!
Kymona is a woman who never slows down and loves it. Yes... she is the energizer bunny's sister. She keeps going and going. She is a single mom of two wonderful children, 19 and 10 years of age. Besides running from one activity to another with them, she works full time at a hospital, teaches high school students on the weekends and has a huge love of learning new things. Kymona started scrapbooking when her son was born and has been paper-crafting ever since. Kymona also has a love for card making, photography, knitting and mixed media. Besides being a mom, Kymona thinks crafting has been one of the most rewarding accomplishments. According to her, being able to share with the world community makes life so rewarding!


  1. I love using stencils to create beautiful art journal pages!!

  2. Thanks for showing how you used the circle stencil. I have overlooked them in the past. The feathers are pretty wonderful to.

  3. I love using stencils because it shows the style that others don't. It is a very warm tone. It veryu beautiful:)

  4. Kyoma -- continue to delight me with your ways of using stencils! -- and I want to thank you yet again for including one of mine with your other StencilGirl choices! I love the way you have used my Feathers 6 stencil. May I have your permission to use two of these photos in blog posts? Giving you full credit, of course! And I would include links to your blog address as well as other social media addresses.

  5. You are seriously talented Kymona! I love how that one can use stencils to speuce anything up. I use them mostly for my cards. You've just "forced" me to add a few to my shopping list. Thanks. ☺️

  6. I love to use stencils for both backgrounds and adding elements to my projects. I like that you can use as little or as much of the stencil to make different looks.

  7. i love creating with stencils because they add wonderful colors and dimension as I build up my layers in my mixed media art projects.
    Thank you for sharing your projects and the processes of each. They're beautiful!

  8. I love stencils to use with my gel press gelli plate! I actually use it on wood not just paper & make fun mixed media wood signs!

  9. I love stencils for the "amazement" factor. I am constantly amazed when I lift the stencil off the paper and see each creations unique composition. Thank you for expanding my viewpoint that I an use my stencils on more that paper (i.e. cards) and can use them on my journals.

  10. I love using stencils as an easy way to add gesture for the backgrounds of my paintings.

  11. I love how many patterns you can put on a page.

  12. I love using stencils because it adds another element to your own creativity. It can blend in to what you are doing or it can make it pop.

  13. Wow, what an awesome giveaway, thanks so much for the opportunity! I love stencils because they are so versatile. You can do sooooo many things and soooo many different projects with stencils depending on what you can do with them! They can be used with so many different mediums which makes for happy crafting with such a small tool! Thanks again!!

  14. Love the projects! Stencils are my go to for quick pattern and texture, journals, canvas, cards. Love Stencil Girl Stencils!!

  15. I love using stencils they are a cheaper and fun way to create beautiful backgrounds with any medium and add texture with other mediums so much fun!

  16. I love using stencils they are a cheaper and fun way to create beautiful backgrounds with any medium and add texture with other mediums so much fun!

  17. I love using stencils bc they create depth and interest in my journal pages

  18. Love your projects! Just what I needed to get motivated this morning 😊!! I love using stencils for their versatility......whether to add a specific image, texture, layers, color....etc, and they are just so much FUN!! Thanks!

  19. I love using stencils because you can use part or
    all of a design. You can move it around as
    you want and the coloring choices are endless.
    All of the projects are fantastic. I'd love
    to win one of them. Keep on with your
    stenciling love.
    thanks for sharing

  20. Love what you did with these stencils, Kymona! They are some of my favs. Since you are giving 4 prizes, I will give you 4 answers. 1) I love using stencils because I otherwise my lines are kind of shaky. 2) I am drawing impaired so I can use the beautiful stencil someone created to make my own art. 3) I can test out how layer over layer will look. 4) I can use them for gelli-printing to make great backgrounds. I'm sure there are more reasons! janisgraham (at) yahoo dot com.

  21. Duh! I can't seem to follow simple instructions janisgraham (at) yahoo (dot com)

  22. What absolute beautiful projects Kymona!!! Love how you used the Feather stencil that is one of my absolute favorites thanks for sharing your inspiration !!

  23. Awesome projects! Stencils are sooo versatile. I love that when I use them I have unlimited possibilities. I really like that you can use either side of the stencil depending on how you want to use the image. I use my stencils mainly with paints and spray, but am starting to create outlines in my work. tobara82 (at) gmail (dot com)

  24. I love these projects and those round stencils! I love stencils because they often help me get a project started when I am unsure. They are also great for things I can't draw:) Thank you for the inspiration and this chance to wiN!

  25. I love the white feathers on the journal. I have not done much with white paint and want to try this myself. I have an idea for a stencil, I have some antique valentines that would make cool designs for stencils. Now how do I get it done?!
    Thanks for sharing your designs.

  26. I love stencils for adding texture to my gelli plate and art journal.

  27. Stencils add so much to a project. They can also be very meditative when doing line work.

  28. Stencils are a great go to for my work in encaustic mixed media. So many great ways to add texture to a project. I especially love working with mandalas!

  29. I love stencils because I'm terrible at drawing. Stencils give me a starting point and confidence.

  30. Jilldmcdowell(at) gmail(dot) com - ooops, I forgot to add this to my comment..

  31. What fabulous projects you have created! I love using stencils because they inspire me to try new techniques and mediums, they are such a great jumping off point for creativity!! garciacoach (at)gmail (dot)com


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