Thursday, July 27, 2017

TBT with Debi and Cindy - Substrates and Photos

How do you doodle? How do you make marks?
With stencils of course!
Debi Adams and Cindy Gilstrap take it away for this throwback Thursday!

Greetings! It is Debi and I have  a question, have you ever recycled your art?  

What about your rejects?  

Did you keep them or did you toss them out, embarrassed by the end result? This past year, with tight deadlines, (I work in an art/craft based industry), I began to clip the “did-I-do-that?” pieces to a clipboard.  

I thought maybe, just maybe, I could use them in something, somewhere when I’m in a time crunch. They would definitely need to be chopped up and disguised. Without a doubt.  LOL. 

Okay, the real reason I kept them was because I saw someone have all his art papers stacked together in piles and thought it looked cool, visually. 

Today I decided it was time to do something with the castoffs. They were piling up. (Yep, I make lots of mistakes). 

I pulled out my clipboard, and believe me there were some ugly substrates in there, and chose one that had different colors, at least not my usual choice. Stretching my comfort zone is important to me and this one put me there. 

I cut circles from the paper and began working with Mini Quilt #1 stencil by Mary Beth Shaw. 

I painted the quilt design on each one, having some not even centered. I doodled and marked them and, after watercoloring my background paper, decided that tracing and cutting the pattern out from the background paper would be a cool application of the stencil. 

Soon I had threads weaving behind the cut out pieces and somehow, it evolved into this piece. I’m glad I tried something different. Sometimes it’s scary because it means paving a new road, and it might lead to a mistake or two, but the end result is so rewarding. I don’t think anyone would ever know this was made from mistakes. Okay, so now I need a stencil that says, “Take a Risk”.  

You choose my friends.


Add a Family Snapshot

Cindy Gilstrap used Rembrandt's Words and Inky Circles to highlight the vintage photograph in her art journal.

Cindy says: "Art journals make a great place to keep memories. They could be memories for your eyes only or memories to share. On your next art journal page try using a family photo in your spread. It’s a fun way to combine family and your art.”

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  1. Debi I love your piece! It turned out amazing with your cast offs!

    1. Thank you Cindy and likewise for your piece. I love how your art is so free-form and relaxed. And the fact that you tied in your family photos makes a great combo. Well done.

  2. Both projects are such good examples of the amazing and varied things you can do with stencils. Beautiful.


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