Wednesday, July 26, 2017

New Stencil Designer Cynthia Silveri's Sweet Birds and Flowers

Cynthia Silveri has joined our talented band of stencil designers with her lovely floral stencil/masks and a set of sweet birds. And she has shared a watercolor tutorial!

Cynthia writes:

"Whenever I find the time (and often I make the time) I go outside and enjoy nature. I love being around plants and flowers especially, and find both their structure (shape) and colors to be inspirational. I enjoy making landscape and floral watercolors despite the fact that watercolor can be incredibly frustrating to work with."

Calla Lily Collection

"When my daughters were small I used to take them to Michigan State University’s Hidden Lake Gardens in the winter. They have a conservatory with a tropical house, a temperate house and a desert house. The plants in the tropical conservatory, especially, were refreshing in the middle of Michigan’s long, bleak winters. 

"The Calla Lily stencil is inspired by our trips to the tropical house. I just love the smooth texture and vase shape of the flowers!"

Snowdrops Collection

"Michigan winters are long and dreary, so as soon as the snowdrops begin to emerge it is time to rejoice! I plant snowdrop bulbs in the fall so that I can enjoy their lovely nodding heads and strong arched stems in the early spring. 

"This stencil is homage to snowdrops!"

Iris Collection

"Early summer in Michigan is welcomed by clusters of lovely irises. The deep purple petals surrounding a creamy yellow center, and the strappy leaves of the iris plant are always an inspiration for my art!"

Crow Waxwing Chickadee Stencil

"The Midwest landscape is a constant source of inspiration for me. That includes not only the plants but the fauna as well. Birds are everywhere on my property, and thus are often part of my artwork. 

"The call of the crow means summer is here; the Chickadee keeps us company all year round with it’s puffy little body-so cute! And the Cedar Waxwing is a rare sighting, it’s beak busy beating me to delicious wild berries!"

Recently I began using watercolor markers and a water-in brush (both by Marvy Uchida) to paint on watercolor paper. This method is both inexpensive and simple to use, with minimal preparation and clean up. Using stencils helps simplify and speed the process of creating a watercolor. I think the results are definitely worth exploring.

You can discover more of Cynthia's art and stencils on her InstagramFacebook pages (cute video in the video section of her using Calle Lilies) and YouTube channel.

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