Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hello, my name is Claudia! :) :) :)

Here's a ghost story for you.....

Hello Hello :) It's Louise. Today I would like to share with you a canvas that I painted of Claudia! 

Claudia is a lady of the lake! She arises from the deep, when the moon is full, to roam the Celestial Forest. Claudia was born in a time long ago when times were very hard and true love was not easily found. However, Claudia did in fact find her true love; a good hard working man who loved her dearly and deeply. They lived together as husband and wife and worked hard on their land, living a meagre existence. Despite the hardship they were happy. Then, one awful fateful day her one and only true love was killed. Killed defending his land, home and his true love.
Claudia was completely and utterly bereft! Claudia was completely overwhelmed by grief at the loss of her true love! So much so that she decided that she could no longer go on. Claudia made the fateful decision to ascend to the heavens to be with her one and only! Claudia rose form the table, walked out the door of her humble home, along the path towards the lake. She continued into the lake, walking until she was completely submerged, taking her last breath and swallowing in the murky lake waters. It was to be her last. At long last she would be reunited with her loved one, or so she thought! 
Little did Claudia know that the lake was cursed! Cursed by the souls of the loveless ones! From this time on, Claudia's ghost would be seen raising from the deep, every full moon, raising from the lake, to roam the Celestial Forest, looking to be reunited with her one and only true love!

Claudia was painted on a deep set canvas with acrylic paints by Mont Marte. 
I have included a pictorial collage below to show the steps of how this painting involved.
To create the forest I have used the glorious Celestial Grove Stencil Designed by Kae Pea.

To apply the Celestial Forest on the canvas background I have used a make up sponge to apply the paint over the stencil.

This is a close up photo of the stencilled Celestial Grove pattern on the canvas background.

So that is it form me for this month. I do hope you enjoyed my fanciful lil story of Claudia, the lady of the lake.

Cheers and Happy Creating

Louise :) xxx


  1. Aaawww! That's such a sad story. Maybe someone will come along and break Claudia's curse. Is there a sequel in the works?

    1. Oooh Elizabeth I think now that I will have to! I have ideas already Thank you :) xx

  2. Great ghost story and even better canvas, love KP's stencil!


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