Monday, February 12, 2018

Made By Janet

Hi There Stencil Friends!
Janet here to show you what I've been doing this month!

In my planner... 

In my Daily... 

And just for fun...

I gave away so many journals these last few months that
I have zero in my possession now. 
It was time to make new ones so I pulled out my pad
of canvas paper and began to play.
Below each set of photos I will list all the stencils I used.
 I hope I don't forget any!

Canvas Paper #1 with detail shots following...

Canvas Paper #2 with detail shots following... 

Canvas Paper #3 with detail shots following...

And NO...I have not turned them into notebooks yet.
That's my next big project for the new month.
You'll have to tune in for March to see the end results!

What a fun month of getting messy!
Happy Arting!

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