Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Stencil it! Wear it! Floriculture Hat with Sandee Setliff

Ahhh, gardening....the fresh air, the flowering plants...
the gnats, the poison ivy, the weeds...
the joy of gardening!

Hello. It's Sandee Setliff.

Sometime gardening is a love/hate thing for me but at least I can look darn cute while suffering working in my garden. This is a very simple project to do, and not only will you be styling while sweating glowing but you'll be protecting yourself from the sun too.

I created a time lapse video (it's at the bottom of the post) for you so I'll mention a few tips I learned:

1. I used a marker to outline things to make it easier for you to see what I was doing but markers aren't very good for getting in between the weave pattern, a paint brush works much better.

2. Speaking of paint, stroke back and forth to really get in the weave pattern and frankly, 2 coats are better than one.

3. Stuff the inside part of your hat well with some paper bags to keep it from getting dented while working. No sense wasting all your hard work on a misshapen hat!

3. You'll notice I had some color angst while working on the butterflies, never give up until you are happy, an attitude which works well in the garden too. I'm constantly moving plants around until I get the perfect combination! 

Stencils that I used:

The stencil I used was the 6" x 6" from May 2014 StencilClub ~ The Birds and the Bees and the Flowers and the Trees. 
(Psst! Members of StencilClub can order past sets!)

 Butterfly Journeys by Carolyn Dube.

Enjoy the video :)


  1. A hat that shouts out "summertime"! Love the hot summer vibes it is sending out, Sandee! xxx

  2. Beautiful hat! I never thought about doing a hat but love it!

  3. I really really love the hat.. Count on you to do and create something amazing all the time!!


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