Thursday, June 14, 2018

Positive Phrases and Floral Mandala Stencils

Propagate your art journal with the words and flowers that feed your soul. 
New stencil designer Trena Brannon and returning designer Kristie Taylor have created gorgeous stencils for you!

Trena Brannon’s hand lettered calligraphic stencils can be used to add a special sentiment to your handmade cards, to add text in your art journal, and you can also use the letters as a focal point in your artwork because give you a base of brush lettering which you can use as is or add your own style to the letters. They can also be used to create texture and patterns. Use them with any of your art supplies - markers, pencils, paint pens, acrylic paint, watercolor paint - the possibilities are endless!

Brush Alphabet 9" x 12" Stencil
Trena's Brush Alphabet Stencil was inspired by the lovely skill that is calligraphy. It is a tribute to hand lettering. Trena says, “There’s something interesting and appealing about letters as they become graceful art.” This large stencil has upper and lower case letters that may be used in conjunction with Trena's word stencils.

Tip: show different pencils, pens and markers in your art journal.

These Jeans 9" x 12" Stencil
Stressed about the intensity of work? Put on your jeans and get ready to rock the weekend! Trena’s large These Jeans Stencil will have you painting in your art journal in no time flat. 

Even if you can't have a five day weekend, you can have fun on Trena's blog!

Positively Positive 6" x 6" Stencil
Trena believes in being positive and following dreams. If that also describes you, her small Positively Positive Stencil ready to help you make your artwork -- whether you are doing so for the joy of it or to share with someone special. 

My Mind 6" x 6" Stencil
Being grateful is a state of being that many people aspire to in daily life. Use Trena’s small but mighty My Mind Stencil to express yourself in your art journal, planner, handmade cards, and on tags.

Opportunity & Progress 6" x 6" Stencil
If practice makes perfect, then it stands to reason that progress makes opportunities that lead to more opportunities tomorrow. Use the words and symbols of Trena’s small Opportunity & Progress Stencil to let the world know you are making art and ever ready to learn new art techniques. 

I Get to Choose 9" x 12" Stencil
You have so many choices with Trena's large I Get to Choose Stencil. 

Floral Mandala Lace 9" x 12" Stencil
Take your art into the garden with the intricately patterned blossoms of Kristie Taylor's Floral Mandala Lace Stencil. It incorporates 8 abstracted flowers including a morning glory, dahlia, zinnia, marigold, and an anemone.


Spiked Marigold 6" x 6" Stencil
Kristie's Spiked Marigold Stencil is full of energy and while it can certainly be a flower, it can also represent a sun in your artwork.

Anemone Coronaria 6" x 6" Stencil
Science meets art in the five layers of petals that surround the atomic center of Kristie's Anemone Coronaria Stencil.

Kristie made a triptych with 3 of her stencils. You can see it in an upcoming Scoop or at The metallic flowers are lots of layers of paint, then gel medium pushed through the stencil, then alcohol inks and inks gold rubs.

Delightful Dahlia 6" x 6" Stencil
The ornately symmetrical pattern of Kristie's Delightful Dahlia Stencil were inspired by the profusion of petals in dahlias in full bloom.

Morning Glory 6" x 6" Stencil
Kristie's Morning Glory Stencil wants to greet you with an open, lovely face.

Tiger Orchid 6" x 6" Stencil
The tallest orchid in the garden, Kristie's abstract Tiger Orchid Stencil is ready to shine it’s beautiful light. Use a potion or all this robust yet delicate flower in your art journal.

Spiral Petals 6" x 6" Stencil
Kristie's Spiral Petals Stencil was inspired by the Fibonacci spiral, a naturally occurring set of numbers and shapes. Let Spiral Petals spin it’s way into your art with the perfect spiral shape. Use acrylics, watercolors er even encaustic wax to paint it one color, or several.

Happy Zinnia 6" x 6" Stencil
The petals of this abstract zinnia are beckoning you. Kristie's Happy Zinnia Stencil is ready to roll through your art as a flower or even a sun.

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