Thursday, January 31, 2019

Guest Designer: Cynthia Silveri

Materials Used:

StencilGirl® Products Stencils:
Labyrinth #2: Ceremonial
Labyrinth #5: A La Chartres
Optical WavesStay in Your Magic 6" x 6' stencil

Other Supplies:
Plain Printer Paper
Acrylic Paints, any colors (I used blues and greens)
Smudgee (or other sponge)
DecoColor Paint Marker in black
Hole Punch
Stapler (or yarn and large sewing needle)
Thin paper to stuff with, like deli paper
Mod Podge (or other thin glue)
Glitter (I used 
Mica D’lights, in gold)

Using the plain paper, stencils, paints and sponge, apply patterns all over the entire surface. Make as many pages as you want to make into fish.
 Fold the paper in half the long way, with the color inside.
On the white outer paper, sketch in a fish shape with the pencil. Don’t worry-it doesn’t have to be perfect-keep it simple!
With the scissors, cut out the fish shapes keeping the folded side intact where you can-along the lower fins usually works. This is so that the two matching pieces stay together. If you cut it completely-never fear!  You’ll be able to staple or sew it together anyway.

Open up the fish and put the pattern on the outside. Draw eyes and nostrils on both sides. Stencil on any words or other designs as you wish.
Begin stapling (or sewing) all around the fish, keeping a portion of the top open so you can stuff it with crumpled up paper. Any will do, but thin wrapping paper or deli paper works great for these. Use your finger or pencil eraser end to push the paper into place if needed.
Once stuffed, close up the opening with more staples or the rest of your yarn.
Apply a thin coating of Mod Podge or other glue to areas where you want to apply glitter. Add other embellishments if you like!
Punch a hole in the top of each fish and string them together with ribbon. You could also create a mobile with these or hang them individually.
Happy fishing! Did you make this project? If so, I would love to see it!
Cynthia Silveri


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