Saturday, January 5, 2019

Love & Friendship: Junk Journal by Louise

Hello, Hello, Fellow StencilGirl Creative :) :) :)

Today I would like to share with you my creative interpretation of our current theme 'Love & Friendship'.

As you may have know from my last blog post for StencilGirl®, I am a huuuuge fan of creating Junk Journals. I have a few 'on the go'! I have a collection of tags, paper bags and paper scraps that I have pre-prepared with layers of paint, mostly 'dirty plate pulls', from when I get on a roll with printing using my gel printing plates.

For today's creative project I have used 2 of the pages from my Junk Journal stash to journal personal sentiments I feel for a couple of creative friends, who are having a bit of a tuff time at the moment. 

To create these 2 journal pages I have used 2 awesome StencilGirl® stencils designed by the fabulous MaryBeth Shaw.

I would like to share with you some photo collage images that depict my step-by-step process for creating these journal pages.

  • To create these journal pages I assembled some basic requirements; Gel Printing plate, StencilGirl® stencils, brayer, acrylic paint, wet wipes, journal pens, sponge applicators, paintbrush, journal stickers, and gesso.
  • I actually mixed 2 colors of acrylic paint on my gel printing plate to apply to the backgrounds.
  • the application was abstract and a little haphazard to blend with the background pages.

  • Whilst the paint was still wet I layered the stencil down and then proceeded to remove paint to highlight stencil pattern, with a wet wipe, on 1 background, and then on the second background, I applied another color of paint onto the gel plate, layered down the same stencil and then printed the pattern.

  • When the paint was dry I applied white gesso with a palette knife, roughly in the shape of a human upper torso.

  • To complete the pages I added visual highlights with the ATC stencil, sponging on acrylic paint.
  • Extra splats of coordinating acrylic paint were added using a soft bristle paint brush.
  • The shoulder and upper body definition were created using liquid ink.
  • I hand drew the remainder of the face and neck with black journal pens.
  • Journaling was added using journal stickers and journal pens.
Here are some close-up images of the fabulous stencils that I have used :) :) :)

 I do hope you enjoy these Junk Journal pages that I have created. They for me are very personal, am hoping that their love reaches those intended [IYKWIM]! :) 

Cheers and Happy StencilGirl Creating for the Festive Season. Please stay safe!
Much Mwah!

PS: please remember this.....

"You owe yourself the love that you freely give to other people."

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  1. Love your clever 'drippy women'and the overall impact of the pages. I'll bet your friends feel loved and encouraged by them!

  2. Heart these & YES friendship is worth the love xx Thank you for sharing how you put these beautiful pieces together... I must give your girlie style a try xx

  3. So perfectly beautiful, so much heart in them <3


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