Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Carry It: A Dots2Lines Shopping Bag


We're back with some inspiration on the theme of- Carry It! We've been wanting to play with our stencils and create layers on a cloth bag that we can use when we go grocery shopping. In India, plastic has been banned and we all carry our own bag when we go shopping. 

Since we love colors we decided we should customize our own bag. This perfectly goes with the monthly theme - 'Carry It'. 

Here's a look at the bag.

The bag is an off-white canvas bag. We've used Dina Wakley acrylic paints for the layers. We began with the lightest blue and the What Could I Do? Stencil L662, dabbing paint randomly. We then went in with a darker shade of blue and the Pomegranate Seeds Grape Apple Flower Mask Stencil L577, again dabbing paint randomly, at times overlapping the previous layer.

In the same way, we continued with the layers. We added a third shade of blue with Journal Texture 13 S637, purple with Pixels S509, Magenta with S645

Once this layering was done, we laid the stencil from the StencilClub set  SC-11-2018 for our focal- the face. We first dabbed white acrylic paint through it. Once dry, we then dabbed black acrylic paint, keeping it dark inwards, and fading outwards. This gave us depth and the whole image looks printed. We wanted this feeling- like the face is emerging from the bag :)! 

We then used the Unicorn Magic Stencil L693 with golden acrylic paint to add the word 'sparkle' and stars all around. 

With this, we have our shopping bag ready!

We hope we've inspired you to create a bag for yourself.


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