Friday, March 8, 2019

Carry It: Stenciled Make-Up Pouch by Cheetarah

Hi Stencil Lover, hope you are enjoying the Carry It theme so far. I'm excited to show you the project I made for this theme. In my Mari Kondo clean up of my art room (which is still an ongoing process) I have found a make-up bag that was begging for a do-over, so I did just that and used some of my fave stencils at the moment. 

The is the pouch as it was in its previous form. Love the birds but the colors were not my thing and that's why I never used it. The pouch is made out of sturdy canvas so I took the risk of just using acrylic paint and see how it will hold up over time and use. 

First I gave the pouch a double coating of white Gesso. After that dried I added some colors. 

I used a mixture of turquoise, tangerine and gold to convey the sunset on a beautiful summer day. I really love walks in nature and this stencil at the moment has been my fave to use. 
This is Stencil/Mask L634 - Leafy Tree Arch by Valerie Sjodin. I have used a soft round brush to carefully apply the layers of color to the pouch. Both the front and the back have the same pattern. 

Then I took Carolyn Dube's uplifting words stencil and a dark blue paint color to add the sentiment "Be fearless" to the pouch. It's a reminder to myself really, because at the moment I am experiencing some changes in life that require me to look fear in the eye and be kind to myself in the process. 

And this is what it looks like carried around :) I absolutely love having this reminder with me and I hope it inspired you to "make up" something uplifting for yourself. 

Until the next project! Have a wonderful day!

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