Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A heartfelt thank you to our 2018-19 Creative Team!

Oh my goodness, thanks for stopping by so I can tell you how much I have enjoyed working with (occasionally nudging) the delightful, brilliant, inspiring 2018-19 StencilGirl Creative Team. I'm Carol Baxter and it has been my role to manage this artistic group of women Mary Beth Shaw chose especially to represent her company.

An excited Mary Beth calls me all the time and asks, "Have you seen what x made on StencilGirl Talk? She really put thought and time into her art. StencilGirl is so lucky she is on the team."

Cheetarah Cheda, Silvia Souza, Louise Nelson, Natalie May, Kristin Peterson, BelenSotelo, Sunila & Aditi Mahajan, ClaudiaNeubacher, Katie Lamb, Trena Brannon, Sandee Setliff, and Jill McDowell your art inspires and never fail to make me smile. 

I have favorite pieces of art that you have made in the past year so I get to wax philosophic as to why it moved me (in no particular order).

Cheetarah, thank you for sharing your love of pens with me and fantastic layered art journaling. I appreciate your esthetic.

Kristin P, you have sewing skills for days. Your storybook for our stenciled poetry theme was utterly breathtaking.

Sunila & Aditi (Dots2Lines), It makes my heart happy that you are a mother and daughter making art together. These sweet ATC cards are my faves because they are lovely I imagine them being tucked away as a surprise to brighten someone's day.

Katie, stencil on a ukelele? Applause for a perfectly delightful, completely outside-the-box upcycled project. Thank you for your camaraderie and enthusiasm on social media too!

Jill, I couldn't decide between the record album stencil storage and this cake. Food won! You have more patience I think in your little finger than I have in my body. This cake topper is da bomb and...

Trena has just the plate to serve it on! Seriously, Trena, your words of cheer always seemed to arrive at the perfect time in my email, along with your art. These plates are just like you, so welcoming.

Natalie, it was so fun meeting you at the hobby show and I wish there had been a week to hang out. Your projects have made me pull out my scrapbooks again and play with pics of my family, including pets!

Silvia, Can I rub your shoulder and get a little of your sense of style and detail when it comes to making art? These kicks are made for showing off!

Sandee, I must not be drinking coffee or tea when I go to look at your art because it might have a funny saying and cause me to need to clean my keyboard and desk. I adore your sense of humor but I had to go with this completely fabulous table. 

Louise, I have been known to be all about the jewelry. I find this necklace so appealing because it is made out of cloth and, like all of your wonderfully quirky art, it is so you!

Belen (Art & Whimsy), You are all about vibrant colors, woman! My art making stuff is stashed in a stack so I can concentrate (at least that is what I tell myself) but I love the idea of baskets of collage papers. They are calling to me. Come and play! 

Claudia, I immediately coveted the cuffs you made for your very first team post but I must say, being a fan of Halloween, I am ready to celebrate the holiday with you. Alas, you live far away.

With applause for the team,
Carol Baxter

pssst!  If you are reading this before midnight on May 3rd, you still have time to take a look at and maybe win a prize during the team's Spectacular Squared-Off Swap Hop. All the links are HERE. Our team members always bring their A-game so it's doubly worth your time to take a look!


  1. What a brilliant team of talented artists, each so uniquely wonderful. MaryBeth sure knows how pick em! I also really enjoyed your perspective on their individual strengths.

  2. Thank you for having me on the team Carol and Mary Beth. Loved the team and your stencils.

  3. Aw! Thank you so much for the kind words, Carol! I enjoyed this year on the team so much and working with the fab stencils and alongside all the talented ladies has been such a pleasure and honour! Thanks so much for having me, Mary Beth and Carol! xxx

  4. Thank you to all the team. You've provided a lot of wonderful inspiration over the year!

  5. Amazing artists who fill us with inspiration!

  6. Carol, if I can make someone smile or laugh then I feel rewarded! And you picked out a favorite project of mine too, just love how the Meraki table turned out!

  7. Absolutely amazing projects by all of the team! I also want to thank you all for the constant inspiration!

  8. What a wonderful sendoff to such a lovely and talented team. Thank you all and Carol, you are such a great leader/organizer and artist. Hugs


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