Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The May 2019 StencilClub Collection is revealed: Script

Welcome to StencilGirl Talk today!

If you are seeking stencils with sweeping elegant flourishes, your search is over.

Script, the May 2019 StencilClub Collection of stencils was created by Cecilia Swatton. Look closely. It's the alphabet, but a hidden somewhat abstract one.

Calligraphy was one of Cecilia's early artistic passions and she gives a quick lesson with a lightbox in her reveal video:

Here's a sneak peek of the technique-based project she created for members as a video and a pdf:

The Script Collection stencils are being packaged now exclusively for StencilClub Members. If you simply must have them, you can join StencilClub HERE by May 15th.


  1. For many, many, many -- did you get that, many? -- reasons, I'm delighted with StencilGirl, but now, yet another reason comes along. Only for StencilGirl would I challenge myself to learn what younger generations do with ease -- video-making. Apparently old dogs can learn new tricks. :-)

    1. And I’m so glad that you did, Cecelia! I love all the swirls with the open spaces. I can’t wait to get my set and start playing.

    2. Thanks, Jill, for your kind words. :-)

    3. This old dog is about to enter the video world, also. I have to research camera, lighting, etc. Any guidance on good sources?

  2. I am delighted with this set. I love the flow of the curved lines. I also learned calligraphy "old school." I think this set is absolutely brilliant the way the letters roll and connect so gracefully together.


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