Friday, May 24, 2019

Kristie Taylor: Mixed Media Art with StencilGirl® Stencils

Hi everyone, Kristie Taylor here with a fun project using my Talavera stencil design

I created this mixed media piece using the Talavera stencil and had so many comments and questions about how I did it that I thought I would create another piece using the same technique. This stencil works well for this technique because it has large open areas that can be cut out and used as design elements.

Let’s create this!

I started with a Blick artist panel. I enjoy creating on these panels much more than canvas, especially when I am going to be gluing things to it. I actually flipped it around and used the backside, that way I have a nice frame when I am done. Also, I knew that I wanted to add handles and use this as a coffee serving tray when it was done. 
I started by choosing several shades of gold and brown to create the background. 
I painted them on and then using my Symmetrical basket weave stencil, I removed some of the wet paint with a baby wipe.
Repeat the same process in the middle portion using my Grandmother's Kitchen 6" x 6" stencil.
Next, I used my Gel press plate to create several gel prints on watercolor paper. 
I then cut the portions of the gel prints out with my craft scissors.
Now let’s start designing! Using tacky glue, I started adhering the different portions of the stenciled and cut gel prints into a new design.
Now that we have designed our tray, we need to add some shadows, for this, I used a Stabilo "All" pencil. I love their pencils because they mark on anything and when you spray then with a little water, they blend and give the best shading.
Once that is completely dry, we need to think about adding some more texture. For this, I painted on a nice thick layer of Kroma crackle medium. This needs to be completely dry before the next step.
Once the crackle medium is completely dry, we can really make the cracks pop by mixing some acrylic paint with glazing medium. I find that a two to one ration works best for me, but you can mix it thinner or thicker depending on your personal preference. Spread it over the entire piece, let sit for about five minutes, then wipe away the excess. You will see that the color you spread on has seeped down in the cracks in a most delicious way :)
You could definitely stop here if you wanted, but since I knew I wanted to use my creation as a serving tray, it needed a durable wipeable finish, so I added a coating of Amazing Clear Cast Resin. It’s easy to use, you mix equal parts of side A and side B together for two minutes, let sit for five to allow the resin to de-gas, then pour onto your surface. I use a blow torch to pop any air bubbles, but if you don't have one, you can use a heat/embossing tool, or a lighter.
Allow the resin to cure for 24 hours, in a dust free area, I place mine inside a sterilite container with a lid. That keeps it free of dust and curious kitties too. 
There you go! Two different looks using the same techniques and the same stencils too! I hope you will explore all the many ways to use your stencils, the possibilities are truly endless!

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