Monday, May 27, 2019

Tender and Trusting Art Journal Layout

Tender and trusting are just a few of the childish traits that make children easy to shape yet make them vulnerable to harm. I love that I have been blessed with the care of my little people but it also makes me scared that everything I say and do impacts their lives, the good and the bad. When I stop to think about it, we as parents (and even grandparents) have a huge undertaking as we mold our children into adults. Our little's are looking up to us with adoring eyes watching how we live our lives. They can read in between the lines at all the behaviors that we exhibit and the words that come out of our mouth.

In creating this page, I have made myself a reminder and an encouragement to guard my words and actions because of the little eyes that are following my every move. The little eyes that can interpret my moods when my words say one thing but my body language another. And the little eyes that learn character traits by the ones that I exhibit to them. 

I tore this cover picture off of a sewing magazine from 1969 and glued it to my journal page. I used gesso around the image.

The scraps from the magazine were collaged onto the background.

Using watercolor pencils, I enhanced the main image. I painted a layer of yellow in the background before adding my various stencils in PA Fresco Finish Chalk Paints.

Stencils Used:

Using a black sharpie, I outlined some of the stenciled images to pop them forward.

Using a white marker, I outlined some of the stenciled images and in black journaled some thoughts around the main image.

A few threads and stickers were added to embellish.

I love all the texture that the various stencils add to the page. My comfort zone usually has me layering stamps and images onto my journal layouts instead of working flat. This was definitely out of my comfort zone as I kept the layering to a few embellishments using minimal dimension.

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