Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Beach Party Bonanza!

It’s already June, can you believe it? Summer will be here this week and I am so ready for it. To get the celebration going, I’ve created a little beach party bonanza that will have you enjoying fresh flowers, twinkling lights, and a little bit of sand and surf romance. And the best part of it is that I was finally able to use Mary Nasser's fabulous line of stencils. 

Here's the stencil lineup:

And the other materials you will need:

Small tin watering cans
Small tin buckets (I call these candle cups for this project)
Four-top tin caddy with handles
Silk sari ribbon
Sharpies in teal and blue
Shell and Starfish bead elements
Aleene’s Fast Tacky Glue
Strong glue like Clear Gorilla Glue
Clear octagonal beads with a prism-like quality
1/2 inch round magnets
White or Color battery-operated tea lights
Your choice of flowers and foliage (but the Peonies are gorgeous!)
Banner flags
Old maps
Dirty Sand Embossing Powder by Seth Apter
Embossing Stamp Pad
Blue and teal yarn (or other hanging material)
Sandwich bags
Color box Cat’s Eye ink pad in dark brown
Hole punch
Xacto Knife or tiny scissors
Table runner
Sand in white and blue
Optional: Shells

For the banner, cut the map into the same shape as your banner flag using one of the banner flags as your guide. Glue the cut map portion on top of the banner flag. Re-punch the holes. Edge the banner flags with the dark brown ink pad. Stencil each flag with a different Nasser stencil. Use the embossing ink just at the bottom making a slight wavy pattern to mimic waves. Emboss with the Dirty Sand embossing powder. Weave the yarn through each of the holes using a slip knot to hold the flag tight. Leave about three inches between each flag. Leave about a two-foot length of yarn at each end.

The little candle cups are easy to make! You will need one more than the number of banner flags you have. For example, I have eighteen banner flags so I used nineteen candle cups. First, take Mary Nasser's Navigate  stencil and shrink it down to about one-inch by copying the stencil on your copy machine. Cut out the stencil and intended open portions that should be cut out using the Xacto knife or the tiny scissors. Hold the stencil onto one side of the cup. Color about one half of the stencil with the dark blue Sharpie and the rest with the teal Sharpie. Be consistent in your coloring pattern. Be careful not to get too much ink on the tin or it could run below the copied stencil. Allow to dry completely. Attach a prism bead to the handle. Glue a magnet to the back side of each of the tea lights. 

Cut multiple eight-inch strips of sari silk ribbon so that you have enough for all of the tins. Gather three silk strips and tie a knot at the middle. Cut each end up halfway so that each silk strip has three sections. Rip the silk strips the rest of the way. Glue a magnet to the knot. Use pressure on them to ensure that the magnets are adhered completely. When they are dry, take two of the strips and use them to tie the ribbon and magnet setup in between each banner flag and at each end of the series of flags.

To make the utensil caddy, first stencil one side of each tin with the shrunk-down version of the Navigate stencil using either the blue or teal Sharpies or both Sharpies creating an ombré effect. Tie the silk sari ribbon around each tin so that you have two to three layers of ribbon and just enough to tie a knot and leave about three inches left. Cut the remaining ribbon into three strips and rip it the rest of the way. Using the strong glue, place a large bead of glue just under the knot, and nestle the shell and starfish bead on top. Rest the tin shell side up and allow to dry overnight. Take care when placing the tins back into the caddy so that you don’t catch and break the shell beads. Create the watering cans by using the teal Sharpie to stencil in the Mini Waves stencil on both sides.

To decorate for your beach party, add knives, spoons, forks, and napkins to the cubby. String the banner flags up and tie them securely and in a straight line. Turn on all of your tea lights and place them in the inside of the candle cups. Attach each candle cup to one ribbon and magnet setup. The banner flag setup will slightly bow from the weight. Place a sandwich bag into the each of the watering cans because the cans are not waterproof and will leak if you don’t. Fill with water and cut any excess bag material so that it doesn’t show. Place the peonies (or your choice of flower) into the can. On your table, place a runner of your choice then sprinkle layers of sand . I started with white then added blue. Use your fingers to shuffle the colors so that they look more seamless. 

Now that you have the secret the a stellar beach party, create your own and be sure to share it with StencilGirl and me!
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