Wednesday, August 7, 2019

August Art inspiration for you from StencilClub Voices

Me, Melissa, and Denny looked at the StencilClub Mary Beth Shaw/Carolyn Dube Mash-up and went to town making entirely different projects that we hope spur your own artistic ideas!

Melissa Ohlman-Roberge's Memory Pocket

Melissa writes: "I've been thinking a lot about the past this week. My youngest just graduated from college and we've been sharing so many stories of her younger years. At the same time, I've been reflecting on the possibilities for my next chapter. 

"Mary Beth and Carolyn Dube's Mash-up provided the perfect inspiration for me to begin to make sense of future filled with change!! 

"The 6X6 stencil evoked spirits of the past and the quote seemed wise words for BOTH of us!"

Denny Nkemontoh's Braille Art Journal

Denny writes: "I like to save by-products of projects to recycle/re-use in new projects. This project used the August stencils in my braille art journal. (Note: I was introduced to journaling in braille Bibles by Donna Bauermiller.  The braille gives a rich texture to each page.)  

"I began by gessoing and giving a color wash to the pages I was working on.  

"I stenciled on some tissue paper left-over from a dyeing process. 

Due to bleed and overlap, the tissue paper was variegated.  I used embossing paste to stencil. 

"Once dry, I brushed resin over it. I then adhered to the journal page and wrote around it."

Carol Baxter's Mini Notebooks

Carol here saying hello again.

The dollar store had these little bitty notebooks in 3 packs  that were too cute not to put in my cart
coz I'm a 
list maker 
note taker
oh baby don't you dare take my pen!

Mary Beth and Carolyn reminded me how much I loved my printmaking class in high school and Carolyn introduced me to gelly plates so this month, I had to break out my plate. It really is pretty zen once you get going! I took my prints, added some ephemera and covered the aforementioned notebooks. 

The blue pink purple colors I began with turned out not to be my fave. In the end, orange, green, and yellow won my heart.

Well, maybe I like the greyish one, or the shiny one, or the one with purple flowers. Hmmm. Can't really decide!

Your stencils are calling!

We'd love to have you join the art community that is StencilClub!


  1. So exciting to see how StencilClub Voices used these!

  2. Great work and ideas, everyone!

  3. Wow how cool these are. I love the idea of Braille tiki.


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