Thursday, August 8, 2019

Stone Statue and Mono Print Masks are here!

We are featuring 2 talented stencil designers and artists each with an amazing stencil. Tina Walker's Stone Statue Stencil and Rae Missigman's Mono Print Masks with Stencil are ready for you to make art!

Scroll on down to see the art they have made and the video tutorials they created!

Tina Walker's trip to Ireland was the inspiration for her Stone Statue Stencil. The woman hands are clasped in prayer and a wistful smile is on her face. One wonders what or who it is that her heart yearns.

Tina envisions many mediums to be used with this stencil; paint, sprays, paste, and ink. 

See how beautifully it works with the Stone Face Stencil Tina also designed.


MonoPrint Masks and Stencil!

Mono printing has always been a favorite art medium of Rae's and for as long as she has been printing she has been cutting and preparing her own stencils out of assorted papers and cardboards. 

Here is what they look like after you cut them apart for easy use:

Rae says: "I have a fondness for abstract, minimalistic prints and so my hand-cut versions of stencils and masks were mostly organic in shape and size. While I loved the look and feel of my hand-cut stencils, the mediums that I added to my printing plate only allowed me to re-use the paper versions a handful of times before I needed to cut replacements. I knew I wanted to create something that I could use over and over again."

This set of Mono Print Stencils and Masks was inspired by Rae's favorite hand cut variations and was created in a way that allows you to work on a variety of printing plate sizes. Whether you are working small and using just one tiny mask or working big and creating larger patterns out of multiple masks you are sure to love this set!

Rae's website.
Tina's blog.
You can find stencils all the most recently released stencils here.
By Rae here, and stencils by Tina here. 

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