Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Art Journaling- Making Marks and Adding Texture

Sunila & Aditi here today with some inspiration for you! This month our theme is 'Texture it or Make Marks On It'. As mixed media artists, we love doing both of these. We find solace and creative freedom in this form of art. 

Today we decided to play in our journal with minimal supplies, create marks and textures on our page, but keep our layers flat. Which means, no foam tape, no added embellishments, just luscious and vibrant layers.

Here's a look at what we accomplished: 

Since we were so caught up in playing with colors, we didn't photograph our process. However, it's super easy and we'll share it with you all. We've used Dina Wakley Acrylics and to begin with squirted out Magenta and Lemon color on the sides of our pages and scribbled directly from our bottles. This gave us our first marks. We then picked out the ATC Mixup Dube Stencil by Carolyn Dube (L657) and started spreading the paint in places with our fingertips. It was time for another color and we chose Blushing. We continued making marks and adding textures with these mini stencils. We chose this as we were attracted to the geometric patterns and the figures.

Now, it was time for some contrast. For this, we used Turquoise with another stencil- Pixels by Rae Missigman (S509). This is our favorite stencil and we use it a lot. We love the organic marks it leaves us with. We then used our Archival Inks and a variety of stamps to add more texture onto our page.

With that done, it was time to add our focal. We knew we wanted to use the figures from the ATC Dube Stencil set. We first stenciled them with Turquoise and over that added a shadow with black. If you look closer, our fingerprints are visible and that in true sense for us was to leave a mark on the page :-P!

Our pages our incomplete with text and so we chose the phrase 'Decide your Vibe' which goes perfectly well with our spread. This is a part of the ATC Mixup- K Taylor Stencil(L665). We used the same technique as the one for our figures.

With that, our journal page was complete. We were thrilled with the result and we hope to have inspired you!

Sunila and Aditi


  1. Gorgeous page with amazing texture-Beth Broadway

  2. beautiful!!! love all those colors and textures. =)

  3. Beautifully dimensional work with minimal supplies. Thank you for the inspiration!


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