Monday, November 4, 2019

Lanie Frick: Video Tutorial

Hi, everyone! Lanie Frick here with a video tutorial for creating a hot pink colt!

             Light Pink Cardstock
                          Acrylic Paint; Dark Red or Burgundy, Medium Pink or Hot Pink, White
                          Makeup Sponge
                          Small Round Brush with point

Stencil the foal in Dark Red with makeup sponge and let dry.
Using small amounts of water on the brush, pick up some pink paint and color inside the foal making some areas darker than others. Mix some Dark Red with Pink to make darker areas.
Paint the spot on foal’s forehead white and wisp in a few sky clouds.

Quick Fact (QF) Baby horses are called foals. A male foal is called a colt and a female foal is called a filly.

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