Saturday, November 30, 2019

Wrap up the year with stencils from Mary Beth's Private Collection!

Mary Beth is back with Abstract, Hand-Drawn Patterns for StencilClub this December!

Randomly fun marks, patterns she saw in Greece, areas that are part-stencil/part mask, whirlygigs, and wavy lines.

What do you see and what will you make?

Mary Beth's exclusive to StencilClub members project/technique is: A SECRET until December 15th!

StencilClub comes with lots of extra perks in addition to the project/technique video you get:

  • PDF
  • Loyalty coupon code
  • Opt-in to be part of the StencilClub Group on FaceBook - we have so much fun! There are swaps and inspiration, and lots of sharing going on.
  • Members can order past club sets.
  • Access to all the past club project videos!

You can sign up and join the art revelry here. StencilClub ships out on the 15th of the month.

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