Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Marvelous New Stencils Inspired by Morocco and Mid-Century Modern

Travel across the globe or back in time with new stencils by Daniella Woolf and Valerie Sjodin. Each artist has a video to go with her stencils!

Daniella Wolf's Hand-Drawn, Moroccan Themed Stencils

Daniella recently traveled to Morocco and came back with memories and stencil designs she hand-drew for you. 

Daniella says, "What thrilled me about Morocco was the people: how welcoming, kind and loving they were. The Ancient Berber Culture is an inspiration. The food was insanely delicious. The number of artisans working in ceramics, metal, mosaic, leather, textiles, etc. intrigued me. There were goats in Argan trees, a blue city, geometry, symmetry, and pattern everywhere. It was impossible to not be inspired."

The Moroccan Spa Window Stencil (S751) was influenced by a beautiful hotel that had a spa. This was in the seacoast town of Essaouira. Daniella thought the repeat pattern was compelling.

The Fez Medina Wall Stencil (S749) was inspired by a wall in an interior courtyard inside the Medina in Fez. This is one photo in one tiny section that continued infinitely. 

The symbol of the Marrakesh Medina Wall Mask (S750) was a typical symmetric motif that Daniella noticed over and over on the exteriors of buildings and inside of hotels. 

Watch Daniella's visual diary of Morocco HERE.

The Stars of Mid Century Modern Designed by Valerie Sjodin 

The repeatable Six Point Star Grid + Dots Stencil (S752), a Mid-Century Modern pattern, is good for backgrounds, tags, cards, etc.

The pattern of the Four Point Star Grid Stencil (S753) is versatile and repeatable to add numerous Mid-Century Modern styles and backgrounds.

The stars of the Mid Century Modern Stars Stencil (S754) sparkle and make artwork special with a nod to space exploration and whimsy.

Layer tree trunks and leaves, a dancing woman, Mid-Century Modern patterns and banners that are perfect for cards and stamping with the ATC Mixup Sjodin Stencil (L672).

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  1. Some very exciting stencils here - thanks, Daniella and Valerie!


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