Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Relax, You've Got This: Rough Day at the Office Stenciled Survival Kit

Happy Christmas if you are reading this on the eve. Happy Day if you are reading it another time.

My job is fulfilling but there are days I wish I was retired so I would have more time to make art. This "gift it" was made with my office cohorts, near and far, in mind. Guess that's what winter vacation is for, eh?

You will need:
Stencils - Mini Buddha, Flower of Life (fast becoming a fave), small stencil from the December 2013 StencilClub set
Black paint
White removable tape
Small plastic baggies
Bubble Wrap!

Main card:
1. Cut cardstock to fit a small baggie - 6.5" x7"
2. Keep it simple and spray the color through the Flower of Life Stencil
3. Use black or a complementary color of paint through the Mini Buddha Stencil
4. Leave the back blank or write a personal note on the back or glue down a brief list of ways to immediately de-stress, such as:
  • Close your eyes and just breathe for a few minutes.
  • Stretch. Stretch more.
  • Get up and walk around.
  • Think of something that makes you happy.
  • Remember, I am hear for you.
5. Because your giftee is likely to repurpose your card into her art journal, use white removable tape to put a strip at the top of the card that says or "Rough Day at the Office Survival Kit."

6. Be sure to keep some paper nearby. Working with spray inks makes for excellent ghost prints!

Snacks & goodies you might include:
Candy, cookie, gum, tea, hot chocolate, nuts, fidget spinner, painted rock, stress ball, funny sticky note pad, and of course, Stenciled Scratchers, and don't forget the time tested relaxer Bubble Wrap (bubble wrap came around the peppermint candy spoons I ordered for the hot chocolate)!

You could easily make "survival kits" en masse yet customized for individual people.

You could color coordinate the main card, scratcher, and contents. If you are like me, you'd need to use an alphabet stencil to stencil on a pun, because laughter, even if it is groaning laughter, is good medicine for a crummy day.
Can you think of any others? Share them in the comments.

Wishing you a fabulous 2020!
Carol Baxter

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